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The Day that Kumawu will be awash with mourners and tears – Saturday, 3 July 2021

By Rockson Adofo
The Day that Kumawu will be awash with mourners and tears – Saturday, 3 July 2021
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On Saturday, 3rd July 2021, my ancestral place of birth, Kumawu, will have her principal streets thronged with mourners clad in black and red cloths, thus, “kuntunkuni” and “kobene”. The mourners come from many places in Ghana and abroad, thus afar, will be paying their last respect to my aunt, Madam Yaa Asantewaa aka Yaa Ankrah and her most beloved youngest son, George Dwuma aka Kofi George.

Both the mum and son passed exactly a week from one another; mum first, then son. However, they will both travel to the unknown world, the land of no return, together. Their unexpected departure from the land of the living has left a big hole in the heart of those of us still in the land of the living. They have gone before us, but we hope to meet them one day when it is our turn to take to the same inevitable journey prepared for humankind by God the Creator.

The vacuum their departure has created in the family can never be filled until thy Kingdom come.

As it is the Akan tradition, I wish them safe journey and request them to extend my heartfelt greetings to my departed parents, siblings, family members and friends gone before them.

It does not happen very often to see a parent and son or daughter die the same day or week, except by lorry accident or an accident of some sort. For a family to lose two or more members within a space of a week and for them to be laid in state side by side or be transported to the cemetery together is very painful and an occasion for tears shedding.

How I hope many people will join us in person or in a virtual mourning to give a dignified send off to my aunt and her son.

May those of us they are leaving behind remember them in our prayers for many years to come about how they impacted our lives.

May their souls find peaceful rest in the perfect land (heaven) that God has prepared for His children.

Who will call me “Akora tenten” and “me papa”, when I pay them a visit, Sowaa? You were the only one among your many siblings, who are though, almost all gone before you, that used to address me as such. Nonetheless, I take consolation in the fact that you have gone to join your parents and siblings and to prepare a place for our future reunion.

Well-wishers and sympathisers, please attend the funeral in your numbers to mourn with us.

Damirefa due, due, due ne amanehune, “Sowaa” Yaa Ankrah and George.

Rockson Adofo

Wednesday, 30 June 2021

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