Ucc, Gij Students Publish Book On Solving Ghana’s Problems

By Kwame Dzakpazu
Book Review Ucc, Gij Students Publish Book On Solving Ghanas Problems
JUN 20, 2021 LISTEN

King David Dzirasah a writer, population health analyst, postgraduate student at University of Cape Coast’s Department of Population and Health and Lawrence Kojo Amegboe who is an agriculturist and a student at Ghana Institute of Journalism have jointly published a book titled Layman’s Cure for Ghana.

The writers were inspired by the social and economic problems Ghana and for that matter Ghanaians are facing. In the book, King David Dzirasah and Lawrence Kojo Amegboe propose various remedies to the various socio-economic and political problems that Ghana is dealing with. They touched on issues bothering on constitutional amendments that must be made. This was critically captured in the book due to the failure of successive governments to implement the constitutional review commission’s report. The book also focused on institutional, legal, attitudinal changes that Ghana must make.

Corruption, unemployment, poverty and inequality are just a few of the subject areas the authors examined critically.

The authors describe the book as a compelling book that encapsulates practical, transformative and radical remedies aimed at changing the status of Ghana.

Commenting on the book, King David Dzirasah said “I believe this book is going to make a difference in Ghana’s quest to being a developed country. Granted that we are faced with many challenges as a nation. However, I believe that some of the proposals we put forward in this book is what we need going forward. I was privileged to spend a part of my early years in USA and I have experienced the level of development they have achieved. I believe Ghana can also achieve such a feat. Layman’s Cure for Ghana is a book that all Ghanaians both the politicians and the ordinary should read. It is a book that has the capacity to make tangible changes as far as Ghana is concerned.”

It is the authors hope that the book will not only contribute to the discourse revolving around development and governance in Ghana but also guide policy makers in decision making.

The book is available on the following platforms SCRIBD, RakutenKobo, tolino, BARNES & NOBLE BOOKSELLERS, Vivlio ( ).