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Motivated Hustler

Motivated Hustler
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Someone who is a hustler does not have to carry the full load themselves. As someone with the hustle mentality, you make innovative and resourceful choices about how to work smart, as well as hard. One aspect of this is that you become an expert in human psychology. You understand how to exert your influence in just the right way, and you analyze the other person’s reactions and how they feel about the situation. You’re able to use your influence intelligently because you understand social dynamics and negotiation. It’s not about making 1000 contacts, it about making 30 or 60 smart contacts.

Hustlers are also agile when it comes to their approach. It’s been said that no plan survives contact with the enemy, and that’s especially true in business. When you embrace the hustle mentality, you recognize you can’t possibly know what challenges will come throughout a year. You plan to adopt resources to make changes, rather than planning as though nothing will come up.

Finally, the hustle mindset is also about resourcefulness. Many entrepreneurs are bootstrapping their companies, and those that aren’t have to make good use of the finances they’ve raised from investors. Whether it’s about striking a deal to lower the price of a needed service or working an alternate plan, resourcefulness is vital to reaching your goals. But most at times , all one need is just a simple push.

The writer of this article is a MOTIVATED HUSTLER

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