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31.05.2021 Feature Article

Germans relaxed mentality: an open door for Africa's success

Germans relaxed mentality: an open door for Africa's success
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In the past dogs especially a few aggressive breed like Pitbulls and Rottweilers among others attacked children, adults and even their owners, some died of such attacks. Local authorities were quick to pass laws and by-laws to tackle the problem.

In Hamburg, in April 2006 the law was passed by which dog owners need to keep at any time their dogs of all races on a lead. Around 100 designated areas are assigned on which dogs can play around freely while dangerous dogs stated in the law have at all times to be on a lead even on such areas. Walking today around e.g. Hamburg it can be observed that only a small number of dog owners obey the law.

Germany has laws and regulations for protecting the environment from litter. It can be observed that not only young people ignore the rules and dump their refuse in public anyhow while older people are more mindful and law-abiding. Compared to Singapore Germany is truly a dirty place.

These two observations raise interesting questions and conclusions. It seems when society fights an uphill battle to live a great and comfortable life in all aspects of society it tends to create in citizenship a relaxed laid back attitude relaying on the conviction laws and structures are in place and could potentially be enforced by the letter but they should not touch the comfort zone the individuals have created around them.

To constantly keep up the level of discipline and fighting spirit to improve a nation by the hands of all individuals of society as demonstrated during the uphill battle seems to be hard to accomplish by the people of the very same nation.

This seems to open up a great opportunity for underdogs to come out great and strong and eventually overtake the big brother to lead him before the new circle of changing position starts again. When the open door stands mighty before the eyes of the underdogs all it takes to understand the meaning and power of the open door, think wisely about which foot to use first, in which style to walk and whether or not to invite someone to pass through the open door.

Doors are made to open and close never to stay open for all times as otherwise there would be no door but passages only. Life from the beginning of time is by time and time only in all corners of the world. When time passes it becomes unchangeable history. Only in time, we can act and position ourselves for a better future. In time nations compete for the best place on earth once past the blame game starts.

Open observing eyes beyond today and a mindset that is in line with what matured minds can envision the riches of the future and put themselves on the throne of history...the race is on and time will close the door for and behind the winner.

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