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22.05.2021 Editorial

Curtail The Decibels

By Daily Guide
Curtail The Decibels
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The ban on drumming and noisemaking has been announced by the Ga traditional authorities. It is an age-old tradition of the people of Ga, indigenes of the geo-political areas called Accra.

In the past few years the custodians of the Ga heritage have sought to uphold the annual tradition following its abuse in diverse ways.

Before Accra even gained the status of a municipality, then Accra Municipal Authority or so the practice held smoothly with little or no breaches.

With the increase in numbers from various parts of the country and even without, this particular tradition is under threat from myriad breaches.

We stand to lose when we fail to maintain our heritage bequeathed us by our forebears. This is what defines us as a people especially when these traditions are not an infringement on civilization.

Clashes between some churches and assigns of Ga chiefs have been documented over the years.

Such clashes are as avoidable as they are unnecessary. The ban lasts only a month during which we are expected to resume drumming and other noise evoking activities. We do not think that it is too difficult to abide by the traditional directive.

The case of a clash between some enforcers of the ban and immigration officers a few days ago refers. Injuries were sustained when the immigration officers mourning their departed colleagues were reportedly breaching the traditional ban.

It is not for us to apportion blame but suffice it to point out that residents of Accra should as much as possible adhere to this simple traditional directive which by and large, is not too rigid after all.

This is a period of quiet, a precursor of the planting season on the traditional calendar.

The belief that non-adherence can have negative implications should not be discounted on the grounds of modernity. It does not cost anything to abide by the traditional demand.

We must live and let's live so that peace would rein. The traditional authorities are the representatives of the owners of the land who should not be disrespected.

The tendency to disrespect the annual ban on drumming and noisemaking is unfortunately high and therefore, responsible for the occasional clash between enforcers and others.

To disrespect the traditions of the hosts, the Gas, is reprehensible and should not be allowed but that does not also mean those so-called enforcers can take the law into their own hands.

If allowing the brief moment of quiet away from the noise would make for bumper harvest why don't we avoid breaching the standard?

Maintaining inter-faith harmony depends largely on the prevalence of mutual respect for each other's culture.

We plead therefore, that all should reduce the decibels in everything that we do because the ban on noisemaking is in force.

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