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Enemies within Africa normalize & reward violence with impunity until downfall

Enemies within Africa normalize & reward violence with impunity until downfall
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There have always been enemies within Africa. We have never had rulers or politicians so wicked, they are willing to sell their land and people for foreign currencies spent outside Africa for vanities. It is true that our chiefs sold us into slavery but they hardly live outside Africa. The only time they ventured out was when they ran out of slaves and were taken as slaves, sold to the same countries in Europe and America where the subjects they had sold ridiculed them.

Whenever a country, an empire, or a continent flows in riches, boosting intelligent people and natural resources, it becomes an attractive honey pot for soldiers of fortune while others seek refuge. Songhai attracted Morocco just as the “Gold Coast” now modern Ghana attracted Europeans for its gold. Nigeria was also a honey spot up to the eighties for the Europeans and Americans as a place to make a killing in profit. Even now, they hold their noses to make money as business mercenaries.

These have become ancient history today but some of our Youths ignore the immediate past. We must remind our Youths through a crash course in history whenever we can get their short attention span in a sentence, paragraph, one or two pages. The first destination choice of African Youths today is the United States. Of course, they are aware of the discrimination against minorities, African genotype in particular and injustice. But you cannot blame the United States or any country for being selective of who they prefer as migrants. So should we.

It is no more a saying but a historical fact that the Privileged Class that prevented Peaceful Change against a system that was rigged against them, made a Revolution inevitable. No reasonable people want to see riots, carnage and human blood on the streets, destruction of exotic cars or the humongous homes of the Privileged. But if they fail to see beyond their noses, continue to ignore warning signs and bathe in their own decadence, they and their cronies continue the indifferent to the plight of Youths; they will lose it all.

Some of the privileged Africans basking and taunting the masses with an oasis of riches in a desert of poverty have become cronies of the powerful because of temporary gains that will come back and haunt their children. Those forgotten children they ignored and refused to train and provide for, using them as thugs are today’s bandits, herdsmen and kidnappers looking for fortune they could not get through legal means, skills or education; will haunt them forever.

Unfortunately, most Africans cannot even believe that after 400 years we are going back into the Dark Ages again. You cannot destroy your own country and look for an escape to destroy another country. The price some people pay to get to these lands is expensive, abusive and risky including paying bandits to transport little children. The families in abject poverty cannot afford a downpayment to bandit. How desperate can parents be to hand kids over to coyotes?

Once migrants cross over to their El Dorado, they become the cheapest labor of the land, turned into slaves and prostitutes until they pay off the balance and the “cost” of their journey. Slavery was born out of the notion that even the serfs, workers and slaves need their masters as jobs creators. Sadly, it has helped to create the worst face of poverty from Asia to Africa in our lifetime. Salaries are paid by those who make riches off your talents.

The fact is, demands create jobs. It is the masses demand for goods and services that allow employers to create jobs to increase production. Therefore, the real job creators are the people. The more people there are demanding goods, the more services are provided. Though it must be pointed out that in many African countries, hoarders thwart the law of supply and demand. Some traders are willing to hoard until they get the high price they want.

Children are usually the first to branch out of the family business looking for different lines of work or help parents expand. It is then you have to get more workers locally to fill jobs to meet demands. The greatest wealth was on the back of the cheapest ancient workers that were the serfs and slaves. This is how the economy of the Western world boomed on the back of "Saracens, pagans and any other unbelievers” legitimizing Portugal right in1452 for slave trade under Catholic beliefs by Pope Nicholas V. beyond Europe to America in Virginia.

Africans have been programmed with the vestiges of Slave Trade as necessary evil, no matter how devastating to those at the bottom of the ladder; as the price to pay for the economic survival of the world. Indeed, capitalism as the exploitation of the poor by the rich and communism as the exploitation of the rich by the poor have converged in Africa. Children of the poor became Soldiers and Police to take over the Treasury.

Nevertheless, other Africans pride themselves on the principle of conservatism. It is one of the reasons they identify with the Republican Party in the United States. There is also the question of Individualism fostered by the Catholic Church around the World since medieval times with Christian monogamous families.

African countries are undergoing another form of Slavery by indoctrination through religions and branding. It is so sad to watch Africans pick fights with one another in the name of two dominating religions that are alien to their cultures. When the Fulani elites publicly demand your land or soak you in blood because they see you as infidels or enemies on god-given land. Appeasement only encourages a higher demand until you stand up and fight back.

Even then, in Western Nigeria there has always been tolerance of all religions, foreign or indigenous in the same family. It is not that African do not have differences, we now realize that our tolerance level was greater than the rest of the world. Indeed, the accommodation of outsiders turned us into a place where advantageous relationships weighed against us. It must be noted that Christianity and Islam are not exclusively ingrained in the African countries where foreign religions are not so predominant.

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