17.05.2021 Feature Article

No One Is Above The Law In Ghana - Including National Security Operatives

No One Is Above The Law In Ghana - Including National Security Operatives
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It is most unfortunate that there appears to be a subtle attempt, underway, to try and undermine the veracity of Caleb Kudah's allegations of being physically abused, by National Security personal, when he was arrested recently. Why, one wonders - and to what ends?

One's humble advice to CitiFM/TV's Caleb Kudah, is that he must join as many international organisations for media professionals, as he possibly can, swiftly - and recount what happened to him, to all of them. It will protect him from the evil individuals amongst those who now control our upside-down-system-in-urgent-need-of-fixing.

Above all, he must hold a press conference immediately, to give the whole nation a full account of what he went through - and answer all the questions the sly-doubting-Thomases pose to him, to try and trip him up. The sods.

To the doubting-Thomases, the question to ponder over is: Whatever happened to giving someone the benefit of the doubt - especially since none of us happened to be present, when he was allegedly being repeatedly slapped from behind, while seated and being interrogated: by power-drunk individuals who think that somehow they are above the law, and thus routinely act with impunity? For their information, no one is above the law in Ghana - including National Security operatives. Full stop. Haaba.

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