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To all noble Muslims especially, the youth in Ghana, 2nd COVID-19 Eid Mubarak 

By Jacob Osei Yeboah || JOY 2016/2020
To all noble Muslims especially, the youth in Ghana, 2nd COVID-19 Eid Mubarak 
LISTEN MAY 14, 2021

Assalaamu alaikum wa rahmatullaahi wa barakaatuhu

On behalf of the office of JOY2012 and my own behalf, we wish you 2nd social distancing Eid-Mubarak for peaceful and sober reflective celebrations in the year 2021 amid dire challenges facing us as a country and Ghanaians in particular.

This year 2021 Ramadan, began in a spectacular manner of beauty as non Muslims Ghanaians and Christians in particular wished our compatriots a period of fasting and prayers for Allah to take care of our minds during Ramadan and bring His blessings on us in our governance system and Galamsey destroying our waters. The same period has brought *two major issues* of *Wesley Girls Fasting saga* and *#Fixthecountry* all relating to the welfare of the youth.

The 2021 unique solidarity was short lived by misunderstanding of the long standing principle of Wesley Girls High School (WEGEHEY) which most *non Christian citizens especially Muslims* have passed through and are now proud Ghanaians in the various fields of professionalism. What has changed at WEGEHEY in 2021 and why are various groups aligning for or against the WEGEHEY policy now, like NPP-NDC arguments? *What is the overarching interest of the student* and *the objective of why the girl child desired to achieve at WEGEHEY?*

How can these be achieved by the student and also being lovingly supported by WEGEHEY, family and the nation? These reflections should be the guiding solution for the child’s interest and aspirations in life. We believe the *National Peace Council (NPC)* will be guided by these solutions for the girl child and students in SHS in general for their sustainable educational development.

*Our mutual respect to one another as citizens is utmost paramount* and *secondly, the respect for any religion* that may not even make sense to us as individuals but which a compatriot is adherent to. *This is the choice of living in peace and harmony.* The respect of religious rituals is secondary and should not and cannot supersede the respect for citizenship. We need to bear in mind that our SHS were not established as (Madrasa) Madaris for a purposeful objective.

For any nation that respect religious rituals more than citizenship is backward in development and transformation of the nation. For religion in its deepest understanding is the process of ultimate transformation of the individual adherents which is reflected in the society.

Islam has been used to transform the Arab world, Christianity has been used to transform the Western World, Buddhism for the Asian Tigers, especially China.

The Muslims Youth in 2021 should be more concerned about how Abrahamic religions (Islam And Christianity) which is about 95% of the population can help to transform Ghana by dealing with endemic corruption and non patriotic attitudes. *The #Fixthecountry pressure group is raising consciousness* of transformation of Ghana which can be accelerated by transformation of our mentality as citizens of Ghana and whether we can be proud of living the Abrahamic religion in wisdom and reality without prejudices.

Let the Abrahamic religion therefore have trust that the *National Peace Council (NPC)* can lead and bring a lasting solution to WEGEHEY misunderstandings. We hope the key actors (Methodist Church, WEGEHEY, GES, Muslims Parliamentary Caucus, Catholic Bishops Conference, Christian Council, Muslim Council) who are deep Thinkers shall never disappoint Ghanaians and we have confidence in them.

We should bear in mind that *the practicing and manifesting religion is limited to specific space* for tolerance in the wisdom of the 1992 constitutional provision. Being conscious of the limited space should engender the spirit of respect for citizenship and then religious rituals.

It is therefore our Allah given duty to ensure that we keep safe in 2nd COVID-19. We should reflect on our citizenship as we allow our leaders to take sustainable decision on WEGEHEY saga and how we respond to #Fixthecountry pressure group being cautious of ides of September 2021 to bring transformation in Ghana.

Our 2020 elections are over and we’ve elected our new government. *The choice of the government and ramifications are dependent on whether it reflects on the Justice of Allah or choice of men* and we should embrace the responsibility. We should not change what has made us live in peace and harmony which is the foundation of transformations.

Allah ta'aalaa will never change His blessings and the fortunes of a people unless the people take the initiative to change themselves. "For surely Allah will never change the grace which He hath bestowed on a people until they change what is in their (own) souls; and verily Allaah is He Who heareth and knoweth (all things)." (Qur'aan: Al-Anfaal, 8:53)

Happy Eid Mubarak to all Muslims in 2nd COVID-19.

Jacob Osei Yeboah (JOY2012)

2012 & 2016 Independent Presidential Candidate.

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