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Fix The Country

Fix The Country
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When in 2015/16, the NDC through Hon. Isaac Adongo and some few others advised Nana Addo to fix the economy, it was just a small thing they wanted them to do. Even that small thing, they couldn’t fix it. Now, the country through the majority citizens is calling on this same Nana Addo to fix the country. Do you think he can do it? Just forget it.

When you hear them saying they have fixed the railways, fixed the interest rate, given us GPS, provided toilets, and bought ambulances, then you know they don’t even know what they are being asked to fix.

Also, those who will tell Nana Addo to fix the country are saying the celebrities involved in “Fix the Country” don’t pay taxes so they should shut up. They are also telling Ghanaians to fix their attitude and mentality before telling Nana Addo to fix the country.

NPP Chairman, Freddy Blay is saying those calling the President to fix the country are NDC members and Hon. Annor Dompreh also said only fools will tell the President to fix the country.

This is where I come in. Those who are defending the President, do not know that the country needs to be fixed but they are the very people who are close to the President and can advise him to fix the country.

So, at the end of the day, the President would not know that the country is messy and needs to be fixed or the President will be misled once again. Is it the age that is preventing Nana Addo from knowing what is happening in the country or just incompetence? It is now clear that Nana Addo was hyped to Ghanaians who knows nothing about governance.

For four years, all the projects they cut sod for are still as it was when they left the grounds. The water bodies are dirtier than in 2016. They still blame President Mahama for their failures after four years. More children go to school under trees than it was in 2016. The sanitation and security situations are worse than in 2016. Prices of fuel, Lorry fares and all other stuff have gone up than in 2016. There is a culture of silence now in Ghana under the human rights lawyer/President. It is like there hasn’t been a government in Ghana since 2016.

When you listen to the blame-game by the government communicators, you know they either don’t know what to fix or they can’t fix the country. When they come to you in December 2024 and tell you something called “breaking the 8” look straight into their faces and ignore them.

Mahama beba

Lawrence Appiah-Osei

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