09.05.2021 Opinion

Leadership with Sacrifice

Leadership with Sacrifice
09.05.2021 LISTEN

Almost everyone can be called upon to take up leadership roles, though some make better leaders than others.

There are four basic principles that run through the likes of Nelson Mandela, Bill Clinton, Dr Kwame Nkrumah, Lee Kuan Yew etc. These are Passion, Humility, Focus and Integrity. They were determined, dedicated and capable in all their affairs.

The question I ask now is, how do we make that positive difference where ordinary Ghanaians will be able to live out their dream than ever before? We must create possibility and opportunity.

As the leaders for today and tomorrow, your first task is to define reality as the field of possibility and your final task is to lead people to their own possibilities.

In fact, the passion for service in leadership, which implies selfless service to mankind, institutions as well as to a nation has been lacking. Leadership comes with sacrifice, lots of patience and endurance.

True Leadership have to be mentally, socially, emotionally and physically prepared to lead before going in for that title. Leadership is not a joke, it is demanding. True leadership goes with passion for service and without this passion, a person will have a very little influence as a leader (Remi, 2008). The ability to lead is a powerful one, as it gives you the chance to shape the future and control the actions of others. Almost everyone can be called to take up leadership roles, despite some make better leaders than others.

The very moment you are called upon to lead, then you must be ready to walk through the path of real leadership (Dignity, 2018).