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05.05.2021 Feature Article

The right to speak truth to power is non-negotiable

The right to speak truth to power is non-negotiable
LISTEN MAY 5, 2021

In a nation being slowly destroyed by high-level corruption, it never ceases to amaze one that so many in our country, seem to overlook the fact that the well-intentioned desire by some to stop reckless commentary on social media, today, might provide tomorrow's tyrants with the building-blocks to enslave Ghanaians in future.

Only the freedom to speak our minds freely, on all communications platforms, and speak truth to power, will enable vigilant-ordinary-folk to prevent powerful self-seekers, from collaborating with big-thieves-in-high-places in Ghanaian society, to act with the egregious impunity (now sadly eroding our society's moral fabric, on top, too), enabling them to rob Mother Ghana in broad daylight, and impoverish the masses.

The right to speak truth to power, is non-negotiable, oooo. Yooooooo...

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