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Anil Dobani on the importance of Social Media in ensuring proper communication

Anil Dobani on the importance of Social Media in ensuring proper communication
LISTEN APR 26, 2021

Instagram jewelers are increasing in number, and with good reason. According to Hootsuite, over 200 million users visit at least one Instagram business profile a day. With such a large volume of users, it's evident that Instagram has the potential to be a huge revenue earner for brands, even small ones.

Instagram entrepreneurs are a new breed of individuals utilizing social media to promote their personal brands and market products.

In some cases, these products aren't produced by the individual doing the marketing, but they are in other cases. One unique situation is that of Anil Dobani .

As an Instagram jeweler, Anil began working as a subordinate to other businesses, but always knew that jewelry was his passion. “Working for someone else was only ever going to be temporary,” Anil says with a grin. Eventually, he amassed over 28,000 followers on his personal profile and started marketing jewelry on his own. To be an entrepreneur dealing with social media requires a particular mindset. Here, we explore what makes Anil tick and how that affects his business.

A Focus on the Client

Anil's clients come from all walks of life. He can boast of having buyers from the ranks of the NFL and NBA and everyday people. How does a business manage to deal successfully with buyers from such different backgrounds, though? “We believe that each client is unique as are their needs,” Anil explains, “and we create pieces that appeal to that particular client’s tastes.” He understands that not everyone can afford the same pieces and works within the client's budget to ensure that they get what they want for the price they're willing to pay. This focus on the client pays off for him since it drives more new clients to his page organically. It also helps to build customer loyalty, meaning more repeat business for his company.

Communicate and Build a Personal Experience

Anil Dobani aims to please the client, but he can't do that unless he understands what they want. “Our business isn’t only about jewelry,” Anil confides, “it’s about communication, and that’s why social media is so important for us.” Healthy brand marketing needs to be tied with authenticity for the modern consumer to pay any mind to it. By establishing a rapport with the customer, Anil's brand creates an authentic experience that the buyer can't find anywhere else.

They don't feel as though they're discussing their needs with a corporate robot, but with a real person. It also helps that Anil does all he can to ensure that his consumers get what they want. This combination of communication and filling a need goes a long way toward establishing his brand as unique yet personalized.

A Look at the Future

While many businesses are scrambling to get online, Anil sees the opposite for his company. He wants to open a brick-and-mortar storefront and focus on dealing with customers in person. His Instagram posts and store will remain open, but he wants to deal with people in real life. I

f he carries over his mindset about consumers into the real world, it may lead to even more business. It's challenging to find a real-world jeweler who pays attention to consumer needs; Anil Dobani might just find a brand new niche market.

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