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Ramadan day 7: Endure patiently

By Abdul Rahman Odoi
Ramadan day 7: Endure patiently
LISTEN APR 19, 2021

It is rooted in the words of the people of the past that life in this world is a great struggle.

This is the code of nature that embodies all living things. As such, even a bird struggles to build its nest and then it works so hard in search of food for its upkeep. The same fate is suffered by man, safe the lazy unmindful soul.

Most often this struggle for succession comes with a lot of hunched hurdles. Sometimes the best and worst of struggles could be made but the result will still be zero or not satisfactory. Especially when troubles flood, and calls upon calls have been made to Allah, who says ‘He answers the suppliant’. But our prayer seems to have fallen on hard rocks. Such is very troubling, disappointing, and disturbing.

At this point in a man’s life, the tendency of forgetting about the omnipotence of Allah is epic. That is to say, he has been tolerant with the hardship enough so he loses hope with excellence. Brethren, this life is a test which Allah will use to winnow those of us who’d be steadfast with ‘good’.

Propitiously, fasting imbibes in us the fear of God. Though we’re abstaining from food, water and other activities, it’s true that we have all these things at our dispensation but we’re holding tight not to disobey Allah. The catchword for what we’re breeding is “patience”. When fasting ends, we need to have learnt that by the break of dawn and the setting of the sun all other things are in Allah’s care, just like we were patient to have waited for the time for breaking the fast to be due. We need to believe in Allah, as it’s said “Seek Allah's help with patience, perseverance and prayer. It is indeed ‘hard’ except for those who are humble." (Quran 2:45). It’s indisputable that patience is one of the difficult traits in the world which even people of good standing do lack. That is why ‘patience’ is said to move mountains.

So, no matter how humongous the challenges are, don’t lose hope. Whenever the troubles topple you, endure with patience. And remember that “there’s nothing difficult for Allah.”

By Yours Only,

Abdul Rahman Odoi (@Big Odoi)

Edited by Hafiz Laryea

All rights reserved.©️2021

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