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A Ghanaian in the Diaspora Changing the African Narrative is Honored

Global Impact Award for Community Building
By Maximus Attah
A Ghanaian in the Diaspora Changing the African Narrative is Honored
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Oscar Bimpong is called the Mindset Revolutionist. His passion and drive are to change the mindset of Africans and those in the diaspora especially the youth. Last Wednesday, he was awarded the Global Impact Award for community building organised by the Global African Awards in partnership with Brand South Africa held in South Africa. This is due to his work with the youth of Africa and the Diaspora and for changing the narrative on the continent via transformational speaking and his mindset revolution agenda.

He believes the challenges we are facing on the continent is a mindset issue. Until we work on the minds of the youth of Africa to think differently, they will follow the status quo for us to continue to experience the same results of our forebearers.

He is a multiple award winner, an author, a successful transformational speaker and a leader, a corporate trainer and a business consultant. He is the founder and director of Train2inspire Consultancy, a business training and consulting firm based in the UK.

He is an author of three self-help books titled 365 Days Inspirational Wisdom for Today (IWFT), Kingdom clientele (Deploying Corporate Strategies Rooted in Biblical Principles for Church Growth) and Mindset Revolution (Re-engineering your Mind from Prison to Purpose).

He has worked with different corporate organisations in the UK and Africa as a corporate trainer. He has coached and trained uncountable individuals and corporate executives by removing roadblocks that are holding them back from maximizing their full potential. He has spoken at different conferences on mindset, personal, talent and career development as well as entrepreneurship. He has one mandate and that is to revolutionalise the minds of people to use the power of the mind to their advantage.

He is a Media Persona and BBC trained in radio operations with over a decade of experience as a host on Radio and TV. His experience in the media space in the UK is unparalleled and has been a host for shows based on his theme of mindset change, talent, personal and career development as well as entrepreneurship. His programs are designed to cause people to have self-belief, cause a mindset change and educate his listeners and viewers to have knowledge that will help them in pursuit of life and vision. Oscar has transformed lives across the globe.

In 2017, BBC was looking to train twenty (20) people doing community radio in the UK and he was selected to be part of it. He was a presenter at Star Radio UK with the program titled the footprints. The selection process was based on the contribution and the impact the radio program has made on the people in your community. The program was selected based on the fact that we offered monthly free seminars to people in our community to help inspire and instill knowledge in respect to any vision they had. We helped SMEs in the community by consulting from business start-up to business development and to strategically position the business in the marketplace. We also had mentoring sessions for young people. All these were part of the corporate social responsibility of Train2inspire Consultancy.

He has interviewed over five hundred (500) guests on his radio and TV shows in the last decade. His programs are designed to empower the youth and for their talent, personal and career development as well as entrepreneurship. He now runs a three-day weekly program on his online Platform dubbed T2i TV UK broadcast live on Facebook and YouTube. His four TV programs dubbed, STEPOUT With Oscar Bimpong (SWOB) which is about interviewing experts, consultants, talented people and those doing exceptionally well in their communities, STEPOUT SME Focus (SSF) which is about interviewing business owners in Africa and in the diaspora to showcase their products and services, STEPOUT Youth Impact Zone (SYIZ) where he interviews young people between the ages of twelve (12) to thirty (30) doing exceptionally on the continent of Africa and those in the diaspora and STEPOUT Author’s Corner where he gives African authors the platform to share what their book is all about. On our STEPOUT Youth Impact Zone, we interviewed about 45 enterprising young people in 2020 across Africa and the diaspora in the heat of the Covid season sharing their inspiring stories, knowledge and inspiring other young people. His programs are designed to change the mindset of the youth on the continent of Africa and those in the diaspora.

Oscar is involved in a lot of projects designed to impact the youth of Africa and those in the diaspora. He has organised conferences in Africa and the UK to impact people especially the youth. We have mentored so many young people and have supported them to start their businesses. STEPOUT With Oscar Bimpong seminar, STEPOUT Masterclass and the 360 Degrees Mindset Revolution Movement in Africa Conference is designed to shape the minds of the youth and also to help them gain knowledge about their personal development which is critical to their success in life and the marketplace.

Oscar has won numerous awards and recognitions in the UK and across the globe. In 2019, He was recognized as one of the top hundred (100) speakers in Ghana compiled by the Speakers Bureau Africa (SBA). He has featured in the London School of Commerce alumni connect, newspapers and magazines such as WAN POT magazine in the USA. He is a columnist with Ghanaweb and has written articles for Myjoyonline and Adomonline. His first award was by Fire Live Radio based in London for the best educative program in 2013. He was awarded in 2015 by the Regional Entrepreneurs Empowerment Business Awards (REEBA) as a double award winner for the Best Inspirational Speaker and Businessman in London as an ethnic minority. In 2016, he was a double award winner for the Best Media Personality and Inspirational Entrepreneur in the African Community in the UK organised by the African Entrepreneurs Awards (AEA). The same year, he also won an award based on his contribution to education and media works in the African community in the UK which was organised by the African Calabash Awards.

Some people say the sky is the limit, but Oscar says the sky is the stepping stone to greater heights. There is no limitation to what anyone can achieve. You just have to believe in yourself and work hard as if today is the only opportunity you have to pursue your vision. His book, Mindset Revolution - Re-engineering your mind from Prison to Purpose is designed to break any limitation on your mind. Work on your mind before you work on your vision. A powerful mind can walk through walls, but a weak mind will always succumb to challenges. Be the best that you can be and always work to be a better version of yourself consistently.

The hashtag of Oscar is, it’s possible if only you believe. That is the fundamental principle of success. You can only succeed if you believe. Go out there and make a difference to make Africa a better place for all of us.

Article by Maximus Attah

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