29.03.2021 Feature Article

Nana Frema Busia: Politrickcian Luxury Farce

Nana Frema Busia: Politrickcian Luxury Farce
29.03.2021 LISTEN

Dear political trickster
What is the essence of your luxury
When it comes  from usury
Leading to great national injury
Yet, you are found not guilty
By the  unruly people's jury
Who have no  manifest fury
They do not discharge due duty
So you continue to be a bully
With your ill-gotten booty
From your fiery robbery

Your wealth is full of stealth
Yet, you go scot-free
In your regal finery
It's all about your shadowy itinerary
Though gilded, you have no glory
The glitter is gory 
The Stolen gold, ill-fated
The polished diamonds, jaded
Roaming karats and ounces
With known state provenance
Yet you fake your renown
You ought to be renounced

Though you toast your hosts,  with sumptuous  roasts,
The source of your boast
Is secret and unproven
You are a beast in the province
Acting out the wicked prince
In need of a curative rinse
Why are you of yourself so sure
So impudent and impure

You are readily at ease
For no good reason
But you will be erased
In your ugly season

Though you nothing lack
Luxury makes you  lust
You think you have luck
You don't look at the clock
But you will get blocked
In your fine cloaks

You Live in oak dwellings
With overflowing wells
Thinking all is well
With grand illicit excess
You are granted access
To dubious tresses
Supported by the wanton  press
Under monetary stress
And false clergy
With fanthom prophesies

Where is your patriotic goodwill?
Going for the kill?
Why are you unable to promises fulfill?
Just your belly is full as you fill
You think even  God is a fool

Suddenly, desperate and still?
Overthrown by your  own silt
In the minefields of covered  guilt
The people got divine lift
To the balance tilt
When you thought you had reached your hilt?
Poof went your hit list

Now, you are at zero stretch
You have No next steps
Your  perks are just a wreck
With your sorry quirks
Awaiting  death
Because you had no depth
Just pilfering  thefts
With  huge  national debts

Your hollow bet
Was so lax
You paid no tax
On  bribe extracts
Yet  no one could ask
Your record had no tracks

You thought you could just relax
You had no useful tasks
You were just an inflated rascal
Who in luxury basked your skull
Thinking you had arrived
Without strive
1. But you will be axed!
2. .....why are you in a daze...?
3. Your  luxury was a farce
4. Fare thee well  poor lass
5. Alas
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