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Are The So-Called Neutrals Really Neutral?

Are The So-Called Neutrals Really Neutral?
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Our ears have been inundated by the Daniel Yao Domelevo saga for the past weeks. The so-called neutrals continue to praise 'Ogyam' even though there is enough evidence to show that the man sitting on the high horse isn’t a saint after all.

I made the decision not to discuss the Domelevo saga because I felt it was receiving much more attention than it deserved. But upon second thought, I revised my notes because the so-called neutrals must be exposed for their hypocrisy and holier-than-thou attitude.

For starters, it was heart-warming reading the illuminating letter from the Presidency to the supposed Civil Society Organisations (CSOs). I was surprised it took the Presidency that long to expose 'Saint Domelevo'. But it was better late than never.

Courtesy of the letter, we now know that his appointment to replace an already proposed Auditor General was necessitated by President Ogwanfunu’s miserable defeat at the 2016 polls. It has also been revealed that 'Saint Domelevo' was planted by President Ogwanfunu to do his bidding. And what a perfect job he did for his master!

He was able to fool the CSOs who were ready to sing his praises in order to show their international donors that they were doing something. Media houses with ‘change agenda’ for the 2020 polls also gave him the platform for his grandstanding.

But some of us knew better. We knew he was an actor parading as an auditor. Did you not see how he always ran to the media to magnify his supposed findings? Have you so soon forgotten the shabby job he did in relation to the GETFUND scholarship saga? He is the only Auditor General who would send his report to the media before it goes to Parliament for review as mandated by the constitution.

Abusuapanin, we also saw how he painted his paymaster’s opponents black so they would lose popularity during Zu-za’s flag bearer contest. The adverse finding against Sylvester Mensah by 'Saint Domelevo' is what I refer to. Did Sylvester not go to court to quash the findings of the bogus investigation?

He repeated the dose in the Kroll & Associates saga and indicted the Senior Minister, Osafo-Maafo. Once again, the courts opined that 'Saint Domelevo' was not fair because he did not give the Senior Minister the opportunity to respond to the allegations before making his findings.

Obviously, 'Saint Domelevo' wasn’t so concerned about playing by the rules. All he was concerned about was to paint his paymaster’s opponents black in order to give his boss political advantage.

It is therefore curious to note that the presumed CSOs, and some media organisations and journalists have turned a blind eye to these glaring facts. Could it be that some of them have hidden agenda?

I believe so. As mentioned earlier, some of them continue to support 'Saint Domelevo' to ensure the persistent lining of their pockets by their donors. Others too are riding on the wings of fighting corruption to hide the shame of producing and publishing very mischievous documentaries. “Militias in the heart of the city” is a classic example.

The last straw that broke the camel’s back in the Domelevo saga was the issue of two dates of birth. For a man who had ensured the retirement of many in a similar situation and even surcharged them for any extra cowries received from the state, it is funny to see him crying foul. It is also very hypocritical for the CSOs to pretend not to have seen or heard of such a grievous ‘sin’.

In the meantime, Prof. Joshua Alabi is crying for not getting the opportunity to respond to allegations before findings were made by the Auditor General. Whoever did the investigation, I cannot tell. But I stand with Prof. Alabi as I stood with Osafo-Maafo.

We all saw how Osafo-Maafo was bastardised for insisting on his right to be heard before the surcharge in the Kroll & Associates matter. We all saw how the CSOs tongue-lashed him for daring to challenge their ‘darling boy’.

Why are they now quiet? Why are they not criticising Prof. Alabi for insisting on being heard before judged? Or is it because his party is not in power?

It is very obvious that many of those parading as CSOs are not principled. They are not as neutral as they want us to believe. Their neutrality only begins when their pockets are filled with cowries. Shameful, isn’t it?

Whether they speak or not, Prof. Alabi must be heard because it is his right. I’m sure the Prof. regrets not speaking up when Osafo-Maafo was under siege! His own NDC led by the Ogwanfunu shouted loudest.

See you next week for another interesting konkonsa, Deo volente!

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