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Presidential Candidates for 2024

Presidential Candidates for 2024
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The two major political parties will have a great hurdle to overcome in the selection of their Presidential Candidates for the 2024 general elections. The 2024 general elections will produce surprising outcomes as the ruling Party (the NPP) will be led by a new Presidential Candidate. The main opposition party is likely to present its 2020 Presidential Candidate as he appears to be the best-selling candidate, as can be seen from his performance in the last elections.

For the NPP, the process leading to the choice of the new candidate will generate controversies. Such controversies will attract the attention of the public. The ability of the party to conduct successful Presidential primaries and quickly iron out any differences thereafter will affect its outward appearance as being attractive or not.

The NPP with its men need to support the President with undivided attention in delivering the common goods promised the people of Ghana. The outcomes of the 2020 general elections in both the Presidential and Parliamentary elections go contrary to the projections made months to the elections as occasioned by its confidence of success.

It can be inferred from the closeness of the elections that, though the party won the elections eventually, the people did not realise the impact of the performance of the party, to cause an overwhelming endorsement of the policies of the party through voting. The winning votes fell below those won by a candidate coming from opposition in the 2016 elections. There is a performance issue to be addressed currently than resolving the problems associated with the aspirations of some individuals within the party.

Upsurges in prices are increasingly unchecked, and the introduction of new taxes will worsen the plight of the populace. The negative impacts of the taxes on their businesses and incomes need the attention of the people who govern them. There is therefore the need for all to join in delivering the promises of the President and the party than engaging in conflict-ridden acts which will derail the party and its performance. The performance of the party is the bedrock for it to seek re-election by winning the hearts and votes of the people in 2024.

The public declarations of the preferred choices of some party faithfuls have the chance of causing divisions which will affect the performance of the party in its internal elections and the general elections. It is a premature and needless endeavour to engage in deeds that will ruin the party in achieving its goals. The declarations of intentions, either by the individuals who wish to contest for such positions or by their surrogates, can be delayed to match the calendar of the party for such activities.

The NPP must use its powers to develop clear guidelines on its succession plan. Such a plan will prevent these rancorous declarations. There should be intentionally developed procedures for declaring one’s intentions to contest a Presidential Primaries. There will be sanity in the internal elections of the party.

The NDC, on the other hand, does not have much issues to address in terms of performance. That is, it does not need to show how it has performed during the four years before the 2024 elections. The party needs to demonstrate its capacity to perform better than the ruling party. It is theoretically right to predict that the presentation of its 2020 Presidential Candidate will deliver the needed victory for the party in 2024 as he performed well in the last elections.

It may not be the objective of the party to introduce a new candidate with its attended marketing challenges. Yet the candidate presented for the 2020 elections has a term to execute his policies and programmes as indicated in the Constitution of Ghana. Any other person can fulfil the goals of the party which will be captured in its manifesto. But the performance of the former President in the 2020 elections gives unbridled hopes of him winning the 2024 elections, especially when the NPP will introduce a new candidate.

The two major political parties have yet to set a common ground for the marketing of new candidates or set the ground for a political contest between a new candidate and a former President in the next elections.

Emmanuel Kwabena Wucharey.

Economics Tutor, Advocate and Religion Enthusiast.

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