64 Years of Independence, yet we are importing toothpick, second-hand clothing!

Feature Article 64 Years of Independence, yet we are importing toothpick, second-hand clothing!
MAR 9, 2021 LISTEN

The literature books provided an opportunity for us the younger generation to appreciate what went on during the colonial era. Again, some of our grandparents who witnessed imperialism have given us a true understanding of the inhuman treatment and massive exploitation of our natural resources.

It is enough reason for one to celebrate freedom from external domination with the right to make personal decisions and chart a path of self-control and development.

After 64 years of Independence, the land appears to be cursed. We have lost the sense of patriotism, and nation wreckers are being hailed as heroes and herons. There is a total economic collapse, unemployment is soaring, Ghana still imports toothpick and second hand /used clothes. We produce gold, yet our wives and sister cannot afford to wear gold groceries.

Poor Sanitation, malnutrition, hunger and partisanship have become synonymous with mother Ghana. There is nothing concrete to celebrate as a Ghanaian in a so-called "independent day celebration".

Our Political leadership have stop reasoning with their brains, our religious leaders have made a mockery of the scripture, our elders have become dishonest and the youth desperation has made them lose touch with reality, determination and humanity.

We have not only been backward; mother Ghana has become a failed state. Citizen life protection is not guaranteed and multi-party democracy is about winning power.

True Independence should liberate a nation from social, economic, political and cultural bondage. We must rethink and to curved a path that will set us on to aggressive progressiveness. Until then, there is nothing to celebrate.

We cannot be suffering from neo-colonialism a worse form of imperialism and pretend to be an independent state. Ghana, Africa is still under capture, especially when we are ready to accept anything from the West without retrospect with the lives of Ghanaians.

Author; Tahiru Lukman

Youth Activist, Dev’t Consultant & Pan- African Author

Email: [email protected]

Tel: 0209154057 / 0551018778

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