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NDC USA’s Message to the entire membership of the Party

NDC USA’s Message to the entire membership of the Party
LISTEN MAR 8, 2021

Fellow Comrades,

The results of both the Parliamentary vote on some of the nominated Ministerial appointees and the final verdict of the Supreme Court of Ghana on the 2020 elections petition was very heartbreaking.

Much have already been said and discussed about the above issues in many circles, however we want to state that, as in the words of our great leader and former President of the Republic of Ghana, H. E John Dramani Mahama in his address to the Nation, on Thursday night,

"We have only one nation, Ghana, and we must work together to ensure progress and growth of our dear nation. We can only do this, if we ensure equality, freedom and justice for all our citizens*” -JDM.

These last two events begs the question, as to what extent do we continue to work hard and sacrifice for our dear party which can easily lead to despair and frustration.

Comrades, we should not let these painful moments discourage or frustrate us into disunity or inaction but rather use these unfortunate events to re- energize ourselves to fight for a better Ghana.

How can a constitutionally mandated retaining officer of a National Election refuse to testify before a lawful and legally constituted court on willful misreporting of the results of a Presidential Election and the highest court of the land would unanimously ruled that, it’s ok for her not to testify.

Not only did Mrs. Jean Mensa, reported inaccurate figures on December 9th, she also tried to correct the incompetent and mathematically impossible figures time and time again.

ln all these the Supreme Court of the land could not find a genuine cause for her to tell the whole nation and the world how those figures was calculated and reported.

This is a travesty of justice that we have to live with for a long time to come.

It is unconscionable for our NDC Parliamentarians not to vote en- bloc on some of the unfit Ministerial nominees. It is rather unfortunate that as many as 24 of the NDC MPs present in parliament on March 3rd, voted individually in favor of these unfit nominees more especially Hawa Koomson.

This is beyond comprehension by some of us and calls for further investigation and ratification immediately.

However, as hapless and unfortunate these events are we cannot allow the results of these recent events to deter us from seeking justice and accountability for a better Ghana.

We would like to commend the legal team, led by Counsel Tsatsu Tsikata for their unrelenting effort to seek justice for the citizens of Ghana that voted massively to change the corrupt and incompetent Nana Addo and his NPP government from office.

The brilliance of Lawyer Tsatsu Tsikata is beyond description.

This man deserves a monument erected in his honor while he’s still alive.

In the words of President Mahama,

“ *The Supreme Court has given its verdict, but the national debate on the dismal state of our democracy and the increasing weakness of its institutions has only begun. It is time we all come together to confront those who seek to destroy the very democratic system that brought them into office. It is our patriotic duty to do so*” -JDM.

It’s indeed our patriotic duty to continue to forge ahead in unity by seeking justice, probity and accountability, a better representation of the will of the people of Ghana going forward.

We cannot relent on our efforts now, we rather need to intensify our efforts in ensuring a complete and secured victory of all elections going forward.

We need an introspection and a more diligence by electing the right candidates in the future and doing more to protect the ballot boxes and the results thereof.

More needs to be done and yes we can.

Let’s take a little time to rethink our commitment to the goals and ideals of our dear party, the NDC and recommit in supporting to bring the necessary change desperately needed in our home land Ghana.

The leadership here in the USA respectfully request all of us to remain strong and encourage each other to remain resolute and united to work more towards reclaiming victory 2024.

Long Live NDC

Long Live the Great Akatamanso Family,

Long Live Ghana.

Maame Aba Dadzie.

Chairman-NDC USA. RHC

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