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07.03.2021 Feature Article

The African way to cheat on the White Man

The African way to cheat on the White Man
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A White seller brings e.g. 40 feet container used shoes/clothes to Africa. Potential buyers rush to inspect the goods and negative the price. The best bidder knows "Obroni" has only limited time to stay and sell the goods, himself, has not all the money promised but a "plan". While the seller let the many buyers go the final buyers delay him with the agreed sum of money to be paid before getting hold of the consignment. Precious time passes fast. The buyer convinces the seller to accept the small upfront money which is all the buyer confesses he can show calming the seller down by promising after selling the goods to bring him the rest of the money. Little does the seller realize the buyer will make consistently false claims the market conditions do not favour the selling process for which no evidence will be given while putting great profit into his own pockets. In the end, the buyer has the White man completely in his hands and able to look into the empty pockets of the White man.

A Turkish former miner doing business buying farmland outside Accra for retirement. The Chief promised to give him the title deed to prove ownership. Four years passed no title given no further investment on the land possible. Outside help came to confront the Chief and four days later the title deed was in the hands of the Turkish owner.

Close to Nsawam Prison outside Accra, a Turkish man established an MOT testing DEKRA facility with a Ghanaian partner as he was talked falsely into the partnership which was never needed. Investing € 1,6 Mio. of which € 200.000 own money the rest loan from a German bank the Turkish man was forced out of the business by his partner's family ending up in court lasting already over eight years with thirteen judges sitting on the case.

Arab Buyer in Tunisia: "I want to buy Shea butter from Germany!" "Germany has no Shea butter but Ghana!" "I do not trust Africans but have no problems to send money to Germany and buy from you people there! To send money to way!"

Buyer from Greece: "I need charcoal for restaurants here. ... No, coconut shelves or other kinds of charcoal from Ghana is not acceptable for me. From Germany, no problem...I have trust and no problems to send money there."

Lands in Ghana are state-owned, under chieftaincy or private lands still open door for Ghanaians to cheat on each other due to a lack of set regulations and rights which has no link to the level of development of a country. Even after Germany's independence in 1990 and the work of the Treuhandanstalt to determine land and company ownership in East Germany ending its mandate ten years later Ghana 64 years of age could by now have achieved the same to bring peace and clarity on this fundamental issue into the rocket science but a mindset. It is all about the simple exercise to collect data and decide in cases of dispute.

Even of the sad role of Whites in Africa, past and present, it is the tendency Blacks trust Whites rather than themselves.

(African stories of this and other nature are endless to share making trust in business with Africa all that difficult and risky)

When a White man does business of any kind with a White man's mentality and expectations instead of thinking like a Black man and also having a wide-reaching security net he is doomed to fail.