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06.03.2021 Feature Article

The rise and fall of NDC leadership in parliamentary

The rise and fall of NDC leadership in parliamentary
LISTEN MAR 6, 2021

It all started when Hon. Muntaka, Hon. John Jinapor and Hon. Haruna idddrisu led the minority caucus in parliament to demonstrate their displeasure of the incompetence of Jean Mensa and matched to her highly militarised office, they also brought hardcore evidence to expose Jean Mensa of RIGGING the parliamentary elections in Techiman South.

These gentlemen became national heroes when they insisted that the right thing was done in parliament when voting for speaker of parliament. They even resisted the evasion of parliament by the military organised by Dominic Nitiwul.

Ghanaians, especially NDC members who were aggrieved because Jean Mensa rigged the elections with the help of Nana Addo and also because the military/Invisible forces brutalised NDC members and killed 8 of them, expected NDC members of parliament on the vetting committee to protect the lives of NDC members/polling agents in 2024 elections by rejecting the perpetrators of the atrocities that were witnessed during the elections.

Ghanaians especially NDC members are also angry after watching the most bizarre, ridiculous and politically motivated decisions Judges packed in the supreme court by Nana Addo have exhibited in the elections petition.

They, therefore, have lost trust and confidence in the Electoral Commission, NPP government and the Judiciary so their only hope is the legislature.

During the vetting of the ministers Nana Addo appointed,it was clear that some of them did not even deserve to be cleaners in the ministeries, whereas others were either corrupt or lied under oath.

and therefore didn't deserve to be approved.

The most shocking approval was Dominic Nitiwul, who together with the ministers in charge of security orchestrated the intimidation of NDC electorates in Volta region, ballot snatching at polling stations , intimidation of NDC polling agents, assisted NPP invisible forces to swap ballot boxes and helped Returning Officers to announce fabricated results, was overwhelmingly approved by NDC members at the vetting committee.

Many people have questioned why Dominic Nitiwul and Hawa Koomson in particular were approved.These two people under no circumstances should they have been approved.

One school of thought is of the view that they were approved, because minority leadership in parliament could relate better with them so couldn't let them down, another school of thought believes that, they are brothers and sisters who hail from the Northern region who are usually least represented in NPP government as ministers so should be given the opportunity to serve regardless of their incompetence or involvement in the atrocities that occurred in our 2020 elections.

The speculations and different schools of thought continues!

The bottom line is, Ghaianains especially NDC members are disappointed in the leadership on the vetting committee for this overwhelming approval of people who don't deserve to be approved.

I strongly believe that the only solution to redeem the trust Ghanaians had in our minority leadership in parliament and Hon. Bagbin, is to set up a full parliamentary enquiry into the shambolic and rigged elections and supoen Jean Mensa to come and explain to the whole world why she rigged the elections and where she got the fabricated results she used to declare Nana Addo as winner from.

Such full parliamentary enquiry would restore Hon. Muntaka, Hon. Haruna Iddrusi, and Rt Hon. Bagbin as our HEROES again.

Michael Frempong