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04.03.2021 Social News

Audit Service Board challenging Domelevo’s nationality wrong – Kwaku Azar

Audit Service Board challenging Domelevo’s nationality wrong – Kwaku Azar
LISTEN MAR 4, 2021

US-based Ghanaian legal practitioner, Professor Kwaku Asare aka Kwaku Azar has taken on the Board Chairman of the Audit Service for challenging the nationality of the immediate past Auditor General, Daniel Yao Domelevo.

“I was extremely shocked at the Audit Service Board. The Board was completely out of order when it introduced citizenship. It was so improper,” he said on The Point of View on Wednesday.

His remarks come after the Chairman of the Audit Board, Prof Edward Dua Agyeman, said Mr. Domelevo was not a Ghanaian but a Togolese prior to his removal from office.

“Having stated that the person’s mother was a Ghanaian and grandfather was a Ghanaian who migrated to Togo, what were you trying to achieve with the introduction of that other than to antagonize people?” Kwaku Azar asked.

He further said he expected President Akufo-Addo to send a signal and say he was not going to indulge in any citizenship brawl.

“The President should have come to say, any of my appointees who try to play the citizenship card will be out of my administration. It is a no-go area. We should never do that again”, he cautioned.

Touching more on the interference of the Audit Board, Prof. Asare said: “It is a complete absurdness that you say you have an independent Auditor General and still have an Audit Board with the majority of the members appointed by the President exercising oversight over that independent person who audits the President. That makes little sense. No one will make such an arrangement. The Board is a board of the Audit Service and not the office of the Auditor General which is independent”.

Row over Domelevo was clearly a 'constructive dismissal'

Kwaku Azar, who is also a law lecturer, further insisted that, Daniel Domelevo was hounded out of office.

To him, events that have thus far unfolded could only be best described as “constructive dismissal”.

Prof. Asare very much believes there are no doubts about the calculated actions that were taken leading to Mr. Domelevo's removal from office.

He said, “as far as a year ago, I told people this was constructive dismissal and this Auditor General was not going to come back”.

“There is going to be an involuntary leave. When it's time for him to return, something else will come up. Now it is age and citizenship. Even if we were able to scale those two issues, other issues would come up. The matters will keep coming up until everybody gets fed up and the Auditor General just gives up”, Kwaku Azar further argued.