The LGBTQI nonsense and matters arising: An open letter to Akufo-Addo

By Nana Antwi Boasiako Barimah, College Of Health-Yamfo
Opinion The LGBTQI nonsense and matters arising: An open letter to Akufo-Addo
MAR 1, 2021 LISTEN

Mr President,

As a health-oriented academic, I'm not only required to give intellectual and academic nourishment to my students but also to contribute to national discourse especially on pertinent issues which have the propensity to make or break the destiny of our motherland.

I have been keenly following the discourse on LGBTQI in recent times and it's such a sorrowful sight to see some Ghanaians advocating for this sub-animalistic tendencies to be incorporated into our societal norms; even though we are first Ghanaians and Africans hence, such practices are completely alien and constitute an affront to our cultural values and traditions.

Under the guise of human rights, these so called human rights advocates have flooded our media space and are firing salvos from all cylinders in order to nourish their selfish parochial interests.

These individuals are ready to sacrifice our beautiful cultural and national pride on the altar of pleasing the LGBTQI community and western powers for whatever reasons best known to them!

To me, they are only embarking on a mere caterwauling and cacophonous adventure which wouldn't yield any meaningful fruit. Because what is human rights about acts which animals wouldn't even indulge in? Hence, the fundamentals of human rights do not arise at all in this LGBTQI discourse.

That is the main reason why there is the need to elevate the discourse to high intellectual levels devoid of deliberate intellectual masturbation and intellectual dishonesty premised on a well-choreographed and well-orchestrated scheme to legalize this madness within the Ghanaian enclave.

Your Excellency, Ghana cannot succumb to the whims and caprices of delusional international organizations whose sole goal is to Lesbianize, Transgendernize, Homosexualize and above all sodomize our beautiful societal architecture which has shaped us as unique people with a common destiny.

This balderdash of LGBTQI is simply inhumane and immoral acts of debauchery which should have no place whatsoever in our social lexicon as Ghanaians.

Mr President, the kind of Europeanization or Westernization that Ghana needs is one that advances our healthcare sector, education, science and technology, transport, economic growth & development etc. But not the one which seeks to infectiously Homosexualize our society.

Mr President, with the greatest of respect, I would like to state emphatically without any equivocation or fear of contradiction that any attempt by any international institution to seek to westernize our society along the LGBTQI trajectory will be fiercely resisted by the good people of this country.

Your excellency, I highly know for sure that you would never subscribe to such schizophrenic ideas of LGBTQI and your recent comments on the subject matter clearly consolidates my point.

However, we need to send a clear signal to the international community devoid of any ambivalence by strengthening our legal regime on LGBTQI. Undeniably, Section 104(2) of our Criminal Code defines Unnatural Carnal Knowledge which is highly susceptible to many legal interpretations. Hence, the need to enact new laws under the certificate of emergency to spell it out clearly that Ghana can never embrace this sub-animalistic activity within its territory.

Your Excellency, I must admit the fact that this task is daunting especially when these LGBTQI organizations control vast financial resources and are also backed by world super powers which can pose some negative repercussions for our economy especially in this COVID-19 environment; But we must stand to defend what characterizes us as a people at all times and damn the consequences whatsoever!

In a nutshell, Lesbians, Gays or whoever they are have no place in the calculus of our national life cycle as Ghanaians.

Long Live Mother Ghana

God Bless Our Homeland Ghana

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