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24.02.2021 Feature Article

Don't sabotage me, oh ye sycophantic cowards

Don't sabotage me, oh ye sycophantic cowards
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What is more painful in life is to see sycophantic cowards sabotage your efforts to effecting positive changes beneficial to many in a society.

The sycophants are often unable to initiate any useful policies or actions in the best interests of the public. They are there only as zombies ever ready to do the biddings of their masters even if such masters are in the wrong.

It is not for nothing that l express my candid opinions in condemnation of the actions by some of the politicians, pastors, prophets and the traditional overlords in Ghana. When they are seen to be involved in corrupt practices detrimental to the wellbeing of Ghanaians and the country, l have the moral right as a citizen but not a spectator, to say it.

I have to constructively criticise or condemn their actions that are clearly in violation of their duties and honest but probably deceptive promises, to serve Ghanaians and the country.

When it does happen, one may only see a sycophantic coward come out to declare their unflinching support for the one committing crimes against the majority of the good people of the country. They do so for the little favour that they stand to gain as persons without the ability to stand on their own feet, or champion any prosperous cause, in the liberation war of the nation and the people from mental and economic slavery.

When the Asante overlord shamelessly comes out to claim vast tracts of Kumawu stool lands in collusion with others for his selfish gains, contrary to established traditions and norms as are ascertainable by available conventional facts and evidence, and he is taken on by me, you will find sycophants running to rally in his defence. They will do whatever it takes to defend him, even if they have to run the risk of breaching the prevailing laws to the contrary.

When a businessman hides behind the curtain of Limited Liability Partnership Company to swindle banks of millions of dollars or Cedis for his personal gains, crafty and corrupt as he may be, you will get sycophants defending him. When corrupt politicians abuse their positions to commit acts of malfeasances or to help their cronies without respect for meritocracy but whom-you-know, you will get some Ghanaian sycophants rallying support for them.

When the knowingly wicked criminals calling themselves pastors and prophets are exposed, you still have their bunch of sycophantic congregations rallying supportively behind them.

When the knowledgeably farsighted ones in the country or outside the country take them on, you always have some sycophantic cowards coming out to defend them, loudly and openly depicting not only their ignorance but utter stupidity.

If we had all mustered courage and relentlessly condemned them, they would have stopped their commitment of harm against the nation and the people. If they had, the country would not have had to face the denigrating total poverty in which it is currently beset.

Now that the country is poor by the insatiable greed of a few people in positions of authority, the entire country is left at the mercy of our superior and more intelligent foreign donors who are principally our white contemporaries.

As a beggar has no choice, but to accept whatever he is offered and does as he is told, the people that we foolishly always look up to for our basic needs are now ordering us to practise their social life of legalising Lesbians, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer and Intersex (LGBTQI) rights in Ghana. Why are we now clamouring as a nation and people against their instruction to us? Why are we now up in unison, hand in hand condemning them?

If we had money to carry out our own projects without overly relying on them, will they be able to force the bitter pill or poisonous concoction of LGBTQI down our throat? Can they ask Saudi Arabia or China to legalise or practise it if it is against their traditions and laws? I hope not? Why? Is it not because these two countries are able to provide most of their basic needs and also guard judiciously their traditions hence the USA or the UK cannot decide for them? Why then Ghana? Your guess is as good as mine. Is it not because of the abundance of the sycophantic cowards who are permanently in support of the crooks in the nation, directly or indirectly helping them to pilfer the nation at our expense?

My advice and warning to such sycophantic cowards is, if you cannot join hands with me in my anticipatory war to liberate Ghana, especially Kumawuman, from the grips of avaricious criminals, please, don’t sabotage me. For if you do, you will end up paying a heavier price in future than the LGBTQI rights currently being imposed on Ghana that has sent every Ghanaian talking and in search of a solution but which keeps evading us at the moment.

I will not do anything to place impediments in the way of one Ghanaian residing in Frankfurt, Germany, going by the social media name Ohene David. It is out of pain and the love of Ghana that he is doing what he does best, although the methodology of delivering his message may appear foolhardy. As long as he can persuade people to accept that official corruption, official negligence of duty, collective acceptance of acts of criminalities disastrous to Ghana, etc. are not good and must not be countenanced, I can’t be bothered.

Rockson Adofo

Wednesday, 24 February 2021