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Freeing Our Society From LGBTQ+ Attack

By Suadique Musah
Freeing Our Society From LGBTQ+ Attack
LISTEN FEB 23, 2021

What we need is not temporal actions like closures of LGBTQ+ offices. We need clear cut laws criminalizing homosexuality and all its relatives.

As it stands now what is criminal in our laws is carnal or unnatural carnal knowledge. And evidence of carnal or unnatural carnal knowledge is proved by the 'least degree of

penetration' in lieu of section 99 of the criminal offenses act.

In this spirit, homosexuality, lesbianism, queerness and it's friends are not outlawed to the extent that there's no evidence of the 'least degree of penetration'. Thus, people are free to publicly express their affection toward the same gender without been cited for contempt against our laws. Such people can only be caught under the law if the 'least degree of penetration' is proved against them. (Difficult to prove though)

With this understanding, one is left with no doubt that if the actions of the LGBTQ+ people are not expressly criminalized by our laws, then this deviants will keep growing in might until they get to consume as all with their senseless crimes. Human rights are inalienable, no doubts. But as a highly moral and religious country who wants to put the preservation of her social structure ahead of any alien destruction, laws must be made to brutally deal with such destruction. Any "human rights" that eats the moral and religious fabric of our country should be crushed without multiple thinking.

This unending merry-go-round can only be settled if we are able to change the focus of our campaign to one that will be demanding of government ( the executive and the legislature) to enact and pass laws that are outrightly clear on the position of our country on LGBTQ+. Countries such as Kenya and India have clear laws criminalizing LGBTQ+; we can do it as well.

Seemingly, our society that was built with the toil of our fathers and their fathers is been ransacked by people who are under the spell of evil spirits. We (irrespective of our differences) owe it as a collective duty to abruptly end this canker by whatever means necessary.

LGBTQ+ should be legally outlawed just as it is morally and religiously outlawed.

Suadique Musah

Tamale, Ghanaian Citizen