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22.02.2021 Feature Article

Aunts outsmart creators by far!

Aunts outsmart creators by far!
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As New Year is always a good time to look back on the past and vision times ahead; to take moments of reflection to think about personal life and society at large.

Humans are born as individuals with an individual given destiny and mandate into a particular family at certain times, place and corner of the world. Scriptures state for the act of birth as a result egg and sperm had joined hands, someone needs to honour his parents (loving them is the icing on the cake but not mandatory) through which giving thanks to the Maker.

As we grow over time as individuals we have constantly to make decisions about the outcome of our lives from level to level. In this process, we will hear voices from various sides about which steps to take and decisions to make. At the end of the day the final decision about our life no one can take out of our hands and therefore we can not make anyone responsible for our future except ourselves. Karl Marx and his idea of Communism was wrong in the aspect that humans are social individuals that need to come together under one umbrella of social and economic values. Humans rather are born as individuals to themselves only with a distinctly given destiny to accomplish as otherwise, it would not only stand against the scriptures but in practical terms against the progress societies, economies and humans need and deserve.

The level of reflection and eventually decision making depends on the level of societies, cultural development and economic circumstances, how much time and individual space we have to think and use the given potentials and make room for more than we see and have around us to break barriers and boundaries. In any case, even in our little, little possibility the responsibility to eventually come out great in life lies entirely in us as individuals that are part of the conditions of a particular group and society in a unique global world in time and space.

Once humans have started to depend only on taking shelter in caves and hunt, fish or pick berries to sustain their lives replaced by farming and trade the higher level was given to emerging as the people they as individuals were created for with their unprecedented mandate to shine day and night.

Various governments in history had given space for individuals to progress beyond imaginable belief. Industrialisation needed uniformed humans to fill factories and streamlined their hunger to achieve greatness in life and their destiny. Uncertainty of working for others and to give the time of their life mostly to others in exchange for money to sustain life paved the way for aunts to outsmart creators. It all became a blueprint to allow only a few to flourish while the masses, unlike previous times in history, have all needed tools available to be creators and shape the world with their very own footprint. As time is spinning faster every day and humans grow in numbers so the world is hungry for more creative and individual answers for today's issues and the once to lie ahead visible only to reflective minds that can hear, see and think independently for themselves, a collective of people can never achieve. What others might think and say is only valid for the individual as long as it opens up a door to move ahead to glory, in most cases only the statement of another fellow human not to be taken seriously.

To reach glory and to set someone himself apart from aunts to shape the world is less dangerous or complicated as trust in someone's self is all that it takes. Do not be left out from greatness in 2021!