21.02.2021 Feature Article

Applauding the Forestry Commission for listening and acting

Applauding the Forestry Commission for listening and acting
21.02.2021 LISTEN

Who tells you that all public institutions in Ghana are weak, corrupt and mostly nonchalant hence are not fit for purpose?

Following my recent publication on 3 February 2021, in regards of the felling of neem trees by some Chinese nationals in the Wiamoase area, precisely in Kokoteasu, the Forestry Commission did not hesitate to contact me over the issue.

I was contacted via email on the 4th and 5th of February 2021, by the Head of Corporate Affairs and Media Relations of the Forestry Commission.

The Commission was seeking further information to enable them take the necessary action to stop the destruction of our surely known medicinal neem trees.

The fact that they got in touch with me is a good indication that they do act in the best interests of the nation. Should they become aware of a problem, they will act to rectify it. This is my current opinion formed about them until proven otherwise.

Some radio stations were also heard to have aired their views about the destruction of the neem trees which were being chopped along with teak trees by the Chinese.

Thank you to all those who expressed concern about the annihilation of our precious source of herbal medicine by the heartless foreigners welcomed into our country as a result of our leaders' overflowing incompetence, cluelessness and overwhelming infatuation with corruption.

While appreciating the quick response and probable intervention by the Forestry Commission, l shall much in the same vein thank those in Ghana who furnished me with the information and continue to alert me to other unfortunate happenings.

Barely had l published an article about the impending demise of the abandoned 44-year old Maternity and Children's block at Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital (KATH) when the authorities officially came public about it.

Now, it is officially announced that the block will be knocked down for public safety and security reasons. The block is now naturally structurally weak due to years of neglect, left at the mercy or the vageries of the weather.

The same source from where l gathered information on the Maternity and Children's block has told me about encroachment on a certain land earmarked for a government institution since many years ago, by some people. I shall be publishing what l have been told about it.

Finally, l shall entreat Ghanaians not to assume that all government institutions are corrupt so there is absolutely no need to bother oneself contacting them about anything since they are all not good for purpose. No, some may be good, although the majority of them may be bad.

Let us all help to build Ghana since no one can build Ghana better for us but ourselves.

Anyone with vital information that will help the development of Ghana but feels incapable of informing the public of it could please send it to me. Once l am notified about it, l shall publish it.

Rockson Adofo

Sunday, 21 February 2021