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The Typical Ghanan Always Want To Eat His Cake, And, Still Have It.

The Typical Ghanan Always Want To Eat His Cake, And, Still Have It.
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Just 3 new cases of covid-19 was discovered in a family in Auckland, New Zealand, yesterday, and the entire city of 2.5million population has been put under total lockdown, with heightened alert activated nationwide.

When the Prime Minister Jacinda Arden announced the lockdown last night, New Zealanders didn't complain about they not being given a 2-week prior notice. They simply complied for greater national good.

About a month ago, Rwanda and Ghana were both recording 200 covid-19 cases daily, and without prior notice a 2-week nationwide lockdown was swiftly imposed in Rwanda, while we Ghanaians resisted such a move.

Today, Rwanda records 67 daily infections with no deaths. Conversely, Ghana records over 700 cases daily, with fatalities equally surging. The Ghanaian understanding of democracy is "rights with absolutely no responsibilities".

Ghana is blessed with talkative CSOs; Cespit Tanks; unalloyed charlatans masquerading as experts in matters from archaeology to zoology; archaic but notoriously egoistic journalistic dunderheads; and semi-illiterate presenters.

Now, for some time now, Ghana has been recording over 700 covid-19 cases daily, with active cases at over 8000 and total cases crossing the 80,000 mark. Yet, we're witnessing adverts on Valentine.

For weeks leading to Valentine's day, there has been no talk about currently raging Covid-19 surge in the media. It has rather been explosion of adverts for people to congregate and celebrate for infections to spread.

I saw one enticing people to troop to Akosombo to have a Valentine's joy ride on Dodi Princess to the Dodi Island; amidst music, dancing, drinking, eating, hugging, kissing and romancing, with total carelessness.

But after our individual irresponsible behaviour and selfish character have landed us in covid-19 treatment facilities, we then turn round to put undue pressure on the president to personally come and take care of us.

When schools are closed to curb the spread of covid-19, we complain of the students going rusty and also being a burden on parents. When schools are reopened, we shout for them to be closed to stop the spread of covid-19.

When the first lockdown was put in place, we complained of not being given a one-month prior notice, while others complained it should have taken effect even without the 72-hour notice. What exactly do we want as a people?

We aren't ready to sacrifice anything for the greater national good, yet, expect all goodies under the sun to fall onto our laps from the skies. A president, that succeeds in managing Ghanaians, can easily manage the world.

Newton-Offei Justice Abeeku

email: [email protected]

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