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The urgency of salvation

By Richmond Duafah
The urgency of salvation
05.02.2021 LISTEN

If there is any generation and age that the GOSPEL OF JESUS CHRIST must be preached, it is this generation and age.

The media preaches that COVID is REAL so we have to Mask Up and be SAFE! And immediately continents, nations, cities and individuals are rallying together to ensure that every citizen is safe through the provision of PPE’s and measures to mitigate the effect of this virus. Siblings who are even staying abroad send telegrams and messages to warn members in their local communities not to go out in an attempt to run away from the effect of the virus, which is highly commendable. A whole generation is coming together to fight one common goal and win the war over the effect of this virus. Even prostitutes are wearing nose Masks on our streets whiles still in the valley of sin to stay alive. If you go through the corridors of nations some of the inscriptions you will see will be “COVID IS REAL, MASK UP! STAY ALIVE”. And citizens have been adhering to this advice which is highly commendable. Everybody is now in default setting of nose masking to prevent COVID.

The preacher preaches that HELL is REAL! And immediately you see people angry about the truth that Jesus is coming and anyone irrespective of religion and belief who doesn’t accept Him will be in danger of hell fire. The most evasive and catastrophic comment I have ever heard is this: “RELIGION IS A CHOICE, PLEASE SERVE YOUR CHRIST AND LEAVE US TO LIVE OUR LIVES”. People are obedient to the directives giving by W.H.O than the road map given by the bible to be saved. People are obedient to the dictates of scientific research than the truth of scriptures. There are people willing to be vaccinated and be free from COVID but don’t care to go to Hell Some people also say all these Christian brouhaha about Heaven and Hell is a mirage. Listen, this is not about religion because there some Christians who are truly not saved and will go to Hell if their salvation is not worked on. This is a matter of Life and Death.

We have siblings smoking around, drinking around and constantly present at the brothel and we have made no attempt to preach salvation to them so that they will not perish but we have bought them nose masks to stay alive to keep sinning, what is more urgent? Freedom from COVID or HELL? We have siblings who are living in disobedience perpetually to the ordinances of God but we haven’t preached Jesus to them rather we bought them Nose Masks. Politicians who need repentance as a vaccine are masking up to stay alive to keep looting. Pastors who need revival to abide in their calling are masking up and still consulting strange powers to do ministry. Citizens who needs an awakening of this salvation message are only masking up, no one is seeing repentance and forsaking our awkward and sinful deeds as an urgent issue.

No one is saying don’t MASK UP, we are only saying Get saved to give meaning to your livelihood. We are not saying don’t use sanitizers, we are only saying Get saved and give meaning to your livelihood. So that whether we live or die, we live and we die unto the Lord. The WORST thing that can happen to a man is to die UNSAVED. Please get SAVED. Make sure the mask and the sanitizers are used on a body that is saved by the Lord Jesus Christ.

“And I saw the dead both GREAT and SMALL, standing before the throne, and books were opened. Another book was opened, which is the book of life. The dead were judged according to what they had done as recorded in the books… Rev 20:12”

Everybody will be judged one-day. Please GET SAVED. Make Jesus Christ your Lord and personal savior and be free from the terror of the Lake of Fire which awaits all those who die UNSAVED.

PRAYER: Lord Jesus! I submit to your Authority, come into my heart and deliver me from sin. I receive you as Lord and Personal savior. In JESUS’ NAME. Amen

Richmond Duafah

[email protected]

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