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My Tribute For JJ Rawlings: The world is a Stage

By  Kwaku Adu-Gyamfi
My Tribute For JJ  Rawlings: The world is a Stage
LISTEN JAN 26, 2021

The world is a stage on which able men and women ascend and descend.

We're here for a while, just to play our roles and leave without any defiance.

You were smart to leave before your sweet apples turn into sour grapes.

For Ghanaians have short memories when the fruit is not ripe .

Our time here is brief.

Because death comes as a thief.

But as long as you do your thing and have a positive impact,

There is no worry when it's time pack.

It used to be the oldies who fall.

How come JJ went to war and didn't call?

Death preys on the human race.

It's indeed a harvester of our souls without a trace.

Nana Konadu-Agyeman can't forget the pain.

When their children's dreams and hopes are drained.

It is true, time heals the wounds but can also wound the heels.

But for how long it will last ?

In the hearts of the entire Ghanaian cast?

You left us with heartache, headache and opened-jaws.

Yes,it was fresh.

Because it was a flash.

Sleep well JJ, for we the living don't really know where you're going.

Neither do we know why we're here on this troubled planet.

We're going to miss your frankness and acts.

Yes, you have created a vacuum no one is ready to fill.

Sleep well,JJ Rawlings.

From: kwaku Adu-Gyamfi(voice of reason)

* The author is a social commentator and a diehard concerned citizen ( not a spectator )of this great nation.