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21.01.2021 Regional News

Secure hope to overcome the fear of the 2nd wave of COVID-19 through the Good News Mission’s Ghana Retreat

By Fredrick Tetteh
Secure hope to overcome the fear of the 2nd wave of COVID-19 through the Good News Mission’s Ghana Retreat
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Temperature checks and mandatory wearing of masks as schools in Ghana reopen for the 2020/2021 calendar after ten months of closure. The shutdown of the academic calendar was in response to the outbreak of the coronavirus in March last year.

Teachers and students were extremely happy when H. E. Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo announced the reopening of the schools. Pupils in the Senior high schools, lower primary and most especially those in the pre-school category were enthused to meet their friends at school.

But on the contrary, parents have mixed feelings especially as we also heard of the upsurge of the numbers of COVID 19 cases, worse of all was the news of the new variant of the COVID 19 which has the potential of spreading up to 70% faster than the old variant of COVID 19.

Shortly after this most parents became reluctant to dispatch their children to school amidst the fear of their young ones contracting COVID 19; the deadly virus. Government through the Ministry of Education and the Ghana Education Service has promised safety but this could not eliminate the fear in the hearts of parents and some children.

It’s in view of this that the Good News Mission in collaboration with Rev. Dr. Ock Soo Park has put together content (Life Transforming Biblical Lectures) to empower hearts to overcome all forms of fear especially the fear of COVID 19. Themed “The Whole family Gathering” this programme seeks to walk Ghanaians out of fear of the pandemic, This retreat which is pivoted around the book of 2Kings 7:1-10, Rev. Dr. Ock Soo Park indicates that when our hearts become one with the word of God, then the power that emanates from the word of God; righteousness, holiness, the power to overcome sin, power to over fear and all other obstacles become ours. Rev Park opines that our conditions and challenges dopnot really matter but whether or not our heart is in oneness with God is the main issue.

The Good News Mission under the Leadership of Rev Ock Soo Park has developed more content capturing areas like character reformation and emotional intelligence to help condition troubled minds and hearts during these times. The Good News Mission; strives to use the word of God as a tool to guide people to break free from fear, hopelessness and sin leading them towards happy and bright life. The “MINDSET EDUCATION CONCEPT” is a top up tool to be used to curtail the fear in the hearts and minds of those with challenges and plant hope with the Word of God. Mindset Education Concept teaches the world of the heart, captures psychosocial counselling, character reforming techniques and emotional intelligence.

Compared to economic growth and materialistic wealth, the value of the human mind is overlooked by modern society. Our society, which is rapidly developing, has its focus on increasing and expanding materialistic economic values.

Consequently, more emphasis is put on quantitative expansion rather than inner values, with more and more cases of justifying the means by the ends. Through mindset education, the Good News Mission precisely teaches the world of the heart and the kind of mentality that will lead people to a successful and happy life.

Most of our social problems today are often explained only in terms of superficial causes such as poverty, illiteracy, and bad development policies. However, if people do not come to know the fundamental reason for the problems which bedevil us as a society, such occurrences are likely to remain unresolved and would rather get worse than better.

Good News Mission is a church and a non-profit making NGO determined to preach the gospel to every part of the world, teaching all to use the word of God as a universal tool to solve all problems. This event which starts from Greater Accra on the 20th– 24thof January, shall continue with the following schedules; 24th – 27th January for Central Region, 27th – 31st January for Eastern Region, 31st January – 3rd February for Volta Region and 3rd to 7th February for Ashanti Region.

This programme is meticulously put together by the Good News Mission and its partners to train and enrich the hearts, minds and bodies of Ghanaians. Rev.Dr.Ock Soo Park happens to be the main guest speaker throughout the programme; which shall be graced by performances from the Gracias Choir, and ground-breaking artists such as Black Pearl Accapella Group, among a host of many others.

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