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17.01.2021 Article

The Beautiful Story of Obama

By Paramza Kofi Hamza Maiga
The Beautiful Story of Obama
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Yes You Can!!!

Senator Paul Simon was impressed by Barack Obama's work rate and talent. He, therefore, recommended Obama to the Democratic Leader of the Illinois State Senate, Emil Jones Jr. "This young black man is a good guy; let's give him all the help he needs to succeed." said Paul Simon. Emil Jones allowed Obama the free hand to sponsor so many bills to the annoyance and disappointment of some of the senior law makers.

Obama won his election into the US Congress in 2004 and just few years later (2008) he was elected 44th president of the United States of America.

It must be said that Obama's first attempt at US Congress was in the year 2000 when he lost heavily to Bobby Rush a fellow black competitor. Prior to his defeat in 2000 Obama had been elected twice to represent the 13th District of Ilnois (1996 and 1998) He nearly quit politics following that defeat. Little did anyone imagine that Obama would overcome his defeat, enter Congress and subsequently become the first black president of the United States of America.

Obama overcame his defeat, defied the racism in his country and set a new world record as the first black president of the most powerful country on earth.

Any lessons?

  1. You can't make it alone. You need others to help you just as Obama was helped by Paul Simon and Emil Jones.
  2. Don't feel bad helping someone to shine. Emil Jones was the leader of a State Senate but he helped Obama to become US president
  3. Don't help only your tribesmen or race. We are all cable of shining with the needed help.
  4. Obama did not become US president overnight; he experienced failure and defeat. He worked hard.
  5. Recommend someone if the person really deserves it.

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