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16.01.2021 Feature Article

The World Ruler - Part 44

The World Ruler - Part 44
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"Yes, you are right, still amazes me...but this should not mean, for that one we Germans should be praised and admired. after all, humans are constantly living in a learning curve from history, the dreams and visions of the future and the present that should open the way for a better life," mentioned King Thomas finishing his pudding, caramel flavour, certainly from a ready-made powder mix, but delicious after all. the inmates sitting around King Thomas were eagerly waiting for him to come out with his wisdom an enlighten them beyond their wildest imagination and dream. With open eyes and wide-open mouth did they all sit on the hard wooden benches in the dining hall that looked more like a waiting room on public transport train stations than an inviting space to take the last meal of the day before being locked up until the early morning hours. The last sun shines reflected on the grey walls of the dining hall giving it an atmosphere of inner contemplation for striving to find hope for a better future. It was quiet all around. Even knives and forks, spoons and cups did not make any sound. Then King Thomas raised his voice for all to hear and understand: "When you investigate mankind`s history from the Garden of Eden and the labour in pain we were set off to work in and live in, in the various corners of the world people used nature as it was with no or only very basic tools to dominate the earth by hunting, fishing, go after berries and mushrooms in the forests. We were all equal, in all our societies; yes, gifted with different bodies, different strength and most of all, a different mindset. For that very last reason we made, or they made themselves, some of us to head our communities as chiefs and kings. As our numbers grew and others wanted to enter our territory, societies were formed and out of it over time nations with borders heavily protected and expanded. Societies needed agreed structures and moral standards after which they were able to function and for each person in it, the citizenship, to know its function and place very well. From hunting and moving around time and space people started farming at their place to feed themselves and their families. When societies nations came to meet each other, and the horizon of the world opened to mankind the human greediness stepped in and moved mankind forward. Soon trade inside and with the outside world became the dominant economic force that drove the social, financial, political, and cultural aspects of a society and nation to higher levels. The Chinese Empire for less than forty years had the desire to expand beyond its borders for only less than forty years in the Asian rim seeing internal problem rising which needed to be addressed by concentrating on a vast Empire only. But the Europeans saw the power of trade and the chance to expand trade beyond their own borders to play the economic, social, cultural, and political trump card to dominate the world know so well their own natural resources were very limited to dwell in and from. Trade is a network of imaginations and ideas put into an active force and do it, taking a risk and make a profit. Trade, unlike farming and manufacturing, does only needed as its fundamental requirement the brain of a person and its power to imagine a better future for himself, his family and beyond. Trade is even, as based in the mind of a person only, more powerful than any royal title or political position is given. When the Hanse set sail to conquer the world in other corners of Europe like Italy traders financed Kings and make them play and decide to their music. The glamour of Kings was financed often by the minds and intelligence of traders out of which some turned themselves into bankers. Like traders, bankers do not need money to start their business but need intelligence, the right mindset to convince others to give them money which they pass on to borrowers and add their commission, their interest, on the money given us loans. Their know-how of doing such business and their integrity that others believe their words and actions made and makes such people rich. The European traders set sail to find something physical that others wanted to have and understood the needs of their buyers very well. These physical something, they did not find in Europe enough but in Africa, South America and of course very much so in Asia, like herbs and spices, like silk and gunpowder, like porcelain and what have you not. The kings knew how much they depended on the traders, traders that only basically depended on their mindset in good and in bad times but tried to use their powers and people to stand tall against the traders and keep them in check. But kings were spending mostly more money for their own glamour and built palaces to entertain themselves and others around them, taking foreign nations to war to take more territory and therefore get more money to be more independent from traders and bankers...of course, also being popular in history, not to forget to mention. But traders and businesspeople, in general, are not standing still and saw the need for more products and services to serve and feed the masses by which the industrialization emerged, and machinery were helping to achieve just that, more profit, more control, a better life for the inventors by serving others. Besides the kings, the industrialist replaced their political powers as money started to speak oven more than royal glamour making kings look rather foolish in their pomp and circumstances. The time emerged capital stood among people that had capital based on their mindset and workers that needed a job in a more stable and less exploitive manner. Cities were born more and more not only because cities made many of them free based on their legal framework, but cities were needed to have factories working well and workers to have a stable monthly income not left to the will of nature while farming. The time came people were crying for more participation of the political and economic development their nations were undergoing from level to level pushing kings aside replacing them with Presidents and Prime Ministers. As money makes the world go round and democratic elected Politicians are in office and power only for a limited period leaving strong institutions, laws, and projects behind, still in the background of any society regardless of its current status, money is the driving force after all, and money is nothing but one form of human communication and by that human expression based on the right mindset behind the communication. These sounds confusing and very strange, like from alien coming, but fundamentally, when taking all sights and sounds aside, simple to understand even for people with less education. Fundamentally this means for countries like us here in Africa that have what others want and need to boost their own economy, to make the traders and business community of their own country happy and richer, that we not only hold the beacon of economic power more so of political power in our hands. The main problem is our thinking here on the ground that is so corrupt and has been so corrupted by ourselves for generations passed on long ago, that the only change we must survive is to change our mind. The hero of zero must become the hero of numbers, of numbers in our hand, more money in our pockets which can only be possible when we also take control of our mindset and come up with great ideas no one has seen so far in politics and philosophy, the new concept of humanity. We, the birthplace of mankind and humanity, are in a time right now that the overpopulation on our continent that we have seen for the past years and which we will even see more of very shortly, is a great danger to our societies but at the same time, a great push to our glory and when wisely done and performed on will Africa see standing tall above other nations and see the end of today`s power structure. But with time it is always the same when you do not understand the meaning of time and do not honour it by performing on time, you get crashed always. The door has been pushed open in world history; we are not supposed to let things pass us but walk upright through the open door with great pride. The white man has from early on understood the wisdom that to trade on time is to make big money, something the black man until now has never understood and valued. He does not care about time. But anything in this world, especially in a globally connected world with easy access to information and communication decides fast about a business deal that bring in big money for companies and nations. To understand the essence of time, that to trade on time makes someone rich, must be understood by all of us...or we all go down in history. To be at the right time at the right place in space and time, that bis what matters and is decisive for profit or failure. Africa should wake up with great minds, great plans that span generations to come, that are based on new values embedded in a new concept of humanity, to showcase to history that Africa rightfully deserved to be called the great continent to have given birth to mankind and not only be recognized in dead history books like that. I, therefore, challenge you and all of the people on the African continent not only to voice their anger about the current situation in this part of the world but to have a volume, a big one, with good ideas, a constitution draft that can be used for many of our countries here and a detailed plan to make a better, a great Africa possible that will dominate the world for very long time to come, and stop only tackling and tackling, saying the Youth should and will arise...but arise to what, with what tools except their anger, to which height with which person? And after all, will they be in their own personality understand all the secrets of a successful life and a successful society that works by time, that trades on time and that is inventive and innovative spiritually minded, that has the wisdom and strength to overcome ancestral blood bondage and move ahead into a free spirit departing from traditions inherited and alive in their blood. Anger and uprising alone is never a good idea without the backing of good plans and changed mentality. My observation rather is that the calling for the youth to rise now rather sees a new generation of leaders that will sit on the throne of African countries and over time their inherited blood will once more show. History has proven too often when a great African leader brings his nation into the success of society, the next one following brings the nation down once again to square one. So, if there are no volumes written with a long-time plan and the people bringing written words to life for others to follow their lead and example, by trading on time and boosting creativity...I have my serious doubts that African countries, in the end, will make it before the now open door to dominate the world will close for another hundred years to come."

Samuel looked at King Thomas and could not close his mouth again. He finally said: "King Thomas...only God can send is people to set us free. We are too deeply involved in our past, and the blood we carry not only in our bodies...but more so in our brains. Even when I look around the black community of the world and see them in abroad, the once that left here as adults are not even reaching the same understanding of life as most Whites do. Their children born abroad, they can set themselves more and more free from the evil spirit that is in our blood. But I also know that these children that see themselves not as Africans, only as people born in a foreign land with a different, black skin, that is all. Also, that these children of ours are not willing to help us rather empower themselves in the strong belief they always must stay away from us not to get infected by our spirit that they know off is not helping them in their life having seen and tasted the world of the white man. These children rather prefer to mix with only white people than with one of their own. Therefore...if I can see it correctly...and after what you have just mentioned...the only real way out I see is that a white man just like yourself is here to help us in the position to lead our countries with the distinct hope and dream one day, one day when the blood we carry in ourselves will be cleaned and washed from any evil spirits of our ancestors...before, as you mentioned, the door of history will be slammed into our faces once more and shut to see our glory in this world."

"Samuel," got King Thomas up as the guards came to make them leave the dining hall and return to their prison cells, "you seem to be a wise man...I honour you!"

It was the tenth day of court hearing over Thomas Weinberger`s case, with the Lawyers of the defendant bringing their side of the argument. Something was different that early morning at nine o´clock sharp. As the judges had taken up their seats, the Attorney´s and Councils were ready for another round of heated debated arguments, all felt that this day was out of the norm, a calm and bright light was entering the courtroom through all the windows to shine on them. They looked up as the light was blinding them. They were holding their hands before their eyes to better see the papers lying before them. The court clerk was asked to close the windows and dim the light but as much as he tried to move the curtains and bring darkness into the room, he failed. He struggled with the complaints of the judges and the Attorneys, but the curtains refused to close. Assistants of the Court Clerk were called in, also they failed to close the curtains. The presiding judge opened the hearing with fifteen minutes delay.

Mallam Naa Zali had not missed a single day of the case heard in court. All seats were given out each day to the same people That day was different, and he knew it the night before. Deep in his heart was he hearing bells ringing singing the song of blood. He saw himself walking to a cemetery, kneeling, and looking into his grave. Mallam Naa Zali was himself keenly down for minutes without end before he felt the push to fall into the open grave and the soil that was thrown on top of him.

Immediately he saw and felt that moment in his dream all over his body making him shake as never before, had he got up and performed his rituals with body parts stolen by one of his clients from a nearby mortuary. He sat on his bench as each morning awaiting the voices of justice spoken in his name when he felt an unusual warmth approaching him. He looked to the side from where the warmth was coming seeing a man, humble, simple dressed in a smile on his face wanting to sit next to him. Then the stranger had taken his seat next to him, his mind focused on the judges before his eyes walked over to the defendant King Thomas. The moment his eyes got aware of Thomas Weinberger in the witness stand, the light was shining all around him. Mallem Naa Zali did not move, did not say a single world, only watching things unfolding. His heart got squeezed, it was paining him. He was gasping for air. The man next to him looked into his eyes and smiled. The light through the windows was getting intense. The presiding judge asked for a few moments to hold the hearing to think about a solution to block the light shining so bright. The man next to Mallam Naa Zali took his hand into his own regardless of his resistance. He did not leave go of him. The man smiled all over his face peacefully as if he were not from this world yet sitting next to Mallam Naa Zali for all to see. No one took notice of the scene unfolding. Mallem Naa Zali felt the heat of the man next to him growing, moving through the skin of his hands into his blood below, moving upwards through the arms, touching the shoulders from inside. For years Mallam Naa Zali had ignored the warning of his doctors to eat healthily and exercise more with less stress put on his body. As often as he was warned, did he ignore the advice to change his habits? As a Ghanaian was, he used to heat heavy foot all the time, everything deep-fried repeatedly. And in good seasons like Christmas, Eastern, Birthday Parties to come up with lots of alcohol and sweet delights stressing his body even further. He constantly ignored the advice given as he claimed to be a Mallam for which reason untouchable. More and more were he feeling something inside his body was not right, was moving slowly, inch by inch. It came from his right leg, he felt is very clearly, scary to him as the cause of the pain was unknown. He tried to use his spiritual powers to make the pain stop, but it even increased. Unable to move his body and take off his sight from the man next to him holding is hands or more, he was more than worried. The presiding judge continued the court hearing with the lawyer of King Thomas in full swing of his arguments to discredit the evidence of the State Prosecutor as fake papers.

"It is you," were the only words Mallam Naa Zali was able to voice towards the man by his side seeing into a bright smiling face. "You have come for me!" The man by his side even smiled more nodding his head slightly.

"You remember the desert?" asked the unknown man.

"The desert?" was Mallam Naa Zali confused and tried to think hard and harder what the meaning of the words was. "I do not know of any desert."

"When you tried to test me?"

"Fuck...who the hell are you?"

"The man who once faced you in the desert!"

" not speak in riddles. Come out clear," challenged Mallam Naa Zali the man by his side with a low voice as his voices were not serving him well, faded away with every single breath he took.

"The and I...and above us the heavens watching over both of us," smiled the unknown man that only the Mallam was able to see.

"Oh, is you?"

"It is me!"

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