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The World Ruler - Part 43

The World Ruler - Part 43
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"Yes Fred, you are right on that aspect...I agree," said King Thomas while the group of friends enjoyed the afternoon sun sitting out together in the courtyard under their favorite palm tree. The Harmattan season just had ended a week before, sand from the Sahara as each year by late October or early November that would hit the country and make driving in the sand that would fill the air all that problematic and dangerous. Soon the rain season would give the country again headache but thanks to the improved underground sewage system most cities of Ghana were equipped with, no longer seeing and danger to lives or properties. He had ensured that building permits were only given to those once that were not putting their own lives nor the once of others in obvious danger by building close to water bodies or even the ocean for a nice view of life. It had cost him sleepless nights to push his agenda through with many protesters rallies on the streets of the nation, but in the end, he had always been convinced of that, his people would accept strict and hard measures needed to be taken for the better end of their lives, for the good of their children and their grandchildren. "So, when we all dwell in the wisdom of history and reflect on our status and our hopes and ideas for a better and better future, we will all be better off. The unfortunate truth is that people regardless of their education and intellectual capacity and capability tend to forget the lessons supposedly learnt from the past. We tend as human beings to live anyhow most of the time, just to follow our inner instincts, our primitive feelings, our greed for a better and better life primarily for ourselves and our own family, not the nations. For that one, it takes us endlessly to develop a fundamental understanding that yes, we are individuals at large, but we only function well when what stands around us also functions well. And all these relating aspects as complex and difficult as they might seem to be, must all be considered for a long perspective, for generation plans that spend most certainly over one hundred years and more before we can call ourselves responsible individuals or representatives of our nations."

Samuel smiles in disbelieves and said: "Your Majesty, Thomas...this...sorry to mention, is far too difficult for us to understand. I mean, we are, your friends, we all stand by your side and do not doubt for a single second that you have wrongly be sent to prison. All the allegations brought before you are false...we all know that. But, please, speak to us more simply so that we can, in the end, benefit from your wisdom. Sorry, do not get me wrong on this request!"

King Thomas was silent for a few moments and looked around. He saw into wide-open eyes and faces ready to hear the good news to grow with, a message to use for their entire life. In his mind was he sitting on the throne the nation of Ghana had prepared for him in the past. He remembered the simple ceremony that had made him King of the new Kingdom of Ghana. Scenes of meetings with chiefs of the country run through his mind, of meetings he had with foreign nations to use his integrity, his skin colour, his mind, his past, his present, his future for their self-good. He hears voices asking him to follow in the footsteps of their nations and help the world to survive in all its intellectual confusion. Than he said with great realism in his eyes: "You know, when someone speaks his mind and gets drawn into the public eye, his life becomes a difficult journey. So many faces, so many voices, so many spoken and written words stand before such a man. Like in the dark das of Europe, medieval age, four horses are attached to the accused to pull his body in all four directions, west, east, north, and south. And then, the accused gets drawn into four pieces...but the truth never comes out and never sees the light of the day."

"Oh Thomas," said David with disbelief and puzzled of the words his King had spoken, "what a gruesome picture. But honestly speaking, I do not quite get what you want to share with us when talking like that!"

"In life, when you want to live behind the scene, in the shadow of it, only struggle to make it, to survive, not been taken notice of by anyone around you, just to be an aunt, a busy honey bee...when that is on your mind and in your heart," tried King Thomas to explain himself better for them to understand his message, "than you have nothing to do but to complain about others that stand tall in the public eye exposed to evil powers, to conflicting and opposing ideas, to fights beyond your imagination, to battles and wars, o sleepless night in which you better pray to God that he should give you strength and wisdom, that he Holy Ghost should enter you and speak through you. What I fundamentally mean is that when you want to achieve something meaningful in this world during your time on earth you better make sure to develop a heart and mind that can stand alone among all the loud noise around you, the open knives people want to stab into your body, the traps they all have set before you. To stand alone from level to level, to make a friend today and walk with them for years, but when you have to reach your next level to depart from them and make friends on the next higher level...than you will know that the chances are many and endless for anyone from anywhere, wherever born and born into...such a man standing all by himself at any time being loyal to his course ready to move and walk on earth entirely based on his mandate but knowing the weakness of being a human in human flesh and limitation...only a truly independent man can reach greatness beyond human imagination."

"You are speaking of Jesus Christ...don`t you?" asked Samuel with a big smile on his face thinking he had discovered Thomas secrets of thinking, unveiled his revelation hidden in the many words spoken.

"Human...all of us!"

"What do you mean, Thomas?" asked Fred still puzzled, unable to make sense of Thomas words at all. The guards were ready to call all inmates back to their cells before dinner would be ready to be taken in the great hall.

"If all of us, even before we were born, would show our gratitude to our Maker for getting life and live for eighty or so years on earth being able, all of us, to make an impact, a significant change...we all would turn this world in the new Garden of Eden."

"But stop here...Thomas," was Samuel trying to think hard and harder. "Now that we are Billions on earth in limited space, in more or less fixed countries with their borders and nations with their identity...oh gosh, I think this is far too high for me!"

"Speak it out, my good friend," encouraged King Thomas him and put his head closer to the face of a man that seemed to have a spiritual breakthrough.

"But that would mean...I is funny to me and sad at the same time...that means if all of us, the Billions, each would use hers or his given talents to the maximum possible,, that would never be possible as this would end all of us in misery, in the chaos of conflicting ideas and visions, of powers from all so many different sides. I mean...oh, that is crazy...a crazy thought indeed...that would mean in the end as al people potentially have the chance to be great, meaningful and get their stone...if all would do that the world would come to a standstill, they would all block each other, or die in gigantic chaos."

"Therefore," got King Thomas up just like the rest of the group to walk back to their cells for an hour before meeting again over dinner and continue their interesting conversation, "there are always the once that go before others seeing and knowing the others are more than the once going before the others, even the others if willing to perform on the principles of walking before others would be great as well."

"So, we need more people to be interested only in their own little, small happiness with not understanding and not knowing much constantly complaining about the great ideas and personalities of others they, in the end, depend on...otherwise the support system... financially, economically, culturally and politically...would simply not work!" mentioned Fred just before the door to his prison cell got closed.

The dining hall was overcrowded as usual. All inmates used the evening meal as the last opportunity of the day to be among each other and gossip about whatever was on their mind closely observed by the team of guards, very professional prison staff. Unlike during the olden days of the Fourth Republic any Security Officer had to undergo a training of three years before any authority would be handed over to him. King Thomas had seen in Germany´s professional training system the far best option to raise people to the highest standard in their field. He had been in shock realizing before the new Kingdom of Ghana had come to enter the history of the nation that Police Officers after only six months walked out and about the country to exercise the power of the state, carry weapons an arresting people. By his own eyes and witness accounts had this practice been far behind any acceptable standard for the Police Force. After all, not only does it matter that a Police Officer knows how to use his gun and techniques to correctly arrest a suspect, but his character, his inner attitude towards serving a nation in that vital capacity had to be trained not possible in six months only.

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