Covid-19: No facemask no entry notice in offices no more works – Coalition

  Tue, 12 Jan 2021
Social News Covid-19: No facemask no entry notice in offices no more works – Coalition

The National Coalition of NGOs in Health has criticized some organizations in the country for refusing to enforce the no facemask no entry principle in their offices.

According to the Coalition, offices have suddenly stopped implementing the directive thereby allowing people to enter organizations freely without any due scrutiny.

The National Vice Chairperson of the Coalition Mr. Ninsau Kwesi Darku-Alazar described the current trend as worrying and that it could be a recipe for disaster.

He noted, “you will go to some offices and see no facemask no entry notes but you will see many of the workers there moving closely around without facemasks, so if this is not stopped it will be a recipe for disaster.”

Mr. Kwesi Darku-Alazar further underscored the need for the Covid-19 safety protocols to be rekindled and seriously enforce in order to control the subsequent spike of the cases in the Country.

“I want to be blank here, the Covid-19 safety protocols are no more observed in almost every part of the country including offices, funeral grounds and public areas and that can cause the cases to rise sharply”, he indicated.

On the aspect of education, the National Chairperson believes reopening of schools is in the best direction but then the Covid-19 preventive gadgets should be immediately made available for schools.

He maintained that if all the preventive materials are provided it will now be Left on school authorities to also enforce the protocols of handwashing, facemask wearing and social distancing among their students.

Mr. Ninsau Kwesi Darku-Alazar pointed out that the Covid-19 has come to stay with the country therefore citizens should also learn to stay with it by adhering to the new normal.

Meanwhile, Ghana’s active case count of the COVID-19 pandemic has shot up marginally to 1,261, according to the latest figures from the Ghana Health Service.

The total number of confirmed cases stands at 56, 230 after the Ghana Health Service recorded an additional 193 new cases from the laboratories as at 7 January 2021. So far, 54, 631 persons have recovered and have been discharged.

The death toll stands at 338.

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