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Congratulations! Congratulations to Hon. Alban Sumana Kingsford Bagbin!!

Congratulations! Congratulations to Hon. Alban Sumana  Kingsford Bagbin!!
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Accept my heartfelt congratulations on the occasion of your Godsent gift, which is your emergence onto the throne as the Speaker of the 8th Parliament of the 4th Republic of GHANA.

Your emergence as a Speaker is only a surprise to those who don't know you, but to those of us who have been following your political career and development, your contribution for that matter, we saw it as a well-deserved honour that could not have gone to anybody other than you. Your sterling contributions to the political development of Ghana since 1992, cannot be underestimated!

The political history of this 4th republic cannot be well written without your mention! Almost every chapter will have to make reference to you, if well-written literature, devoid of biases, is to be documented about our political journey. You have sterlingly distinguished yourself as a statesman, and indeed, a loyalist to your party and a true patriotic personality whose love for his country cannot be overemphasised.

You have dedicated your entire youthful age and life to the service of your country, for which reason you had not only been unanimously endorsed by the NDC but also, our major opponent, the NPP, saw some sterling qualities in you for which reason you got an endorsement from that camp.

Your conduct in terms of human relations has been found to be worthy of being supported to help you contribute your immense experience to help advance the democratic development of this country of ours as a beacon of hope in Africa and beyond. We in the NDC have every reason to believe that you would lead a leadership that posterity would come to appreciate. Your humility, gentility, simplicity, honesty, generosity, loyalty, love, and Godliness are what have distinguished you in the midst of your peers.

Hon. Speaker, with all due respect, I say congratulations! May the good God continue to share with you the excellent ideas, knowledge, and wisdom to lead this eighth Parliament to its logical conclusion.

God bless you and God bless Ghana!

Long live NDC,

Long live Our Hon. speaker, Alban SUMANA Kingsley Bagbin!


Northeast Region


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