29.12.2020 Feature Article

Cancellation of Crossover-Night-Illuminati Arrests Winners, RCCG, Catholic Churches

LISTEN DEC 29, 2020

The Covid-19 induced cancellation of crossover night services by our religious leaders on the orders of government over a sacmdemics is another sign that Illuminati has arrested Winners, Redeemed Christian Church of God, Mountain of Fire , Catholic and Anglican Churches flamboyant new year crossover nights with all the anointings, deliverances, praise, declarations, warfare and everything associated with it.

I have warned in my last piece on Illuminatic control of government apparatus in a piece I released in September on the controversial CAMA Law , titled " CAMA law Illuminati Hijacks NASS, Nigeria's Parliament'

"They don't care about Bishop Oyedepo, Pastor Adeboye, Apostle Suleiman - they don't even care about Pope Francis, Cardinals' Arinze, Onaiyekan or Okogie.

"The church have woken up late Let them wait till the last week of November, and they will be dealt a major blow that will last till January-then they will know that the 'Skulls and Bones Society' meant business."

Since September 18th when I wrote it, the church ignored my prophecies and did nothing to fortify themselves until the last week of November when the government started harassing them over Christmas Carols, gatherings, religious events.

It was the Grace of God that made government not to clamp down on Bishop Oyedepo during Shiloh. Bishop Oyedepo had to release a memo in the first week of December asking church members to reduce attendance at the Shiloh ground in Otta and make use of the viewing centers,. While attendance at Canaan-land reduced to half its normal capacity, that of viewing centres increased by over thirty percent. Oyedepo boasted on the last day of Shiloh that " I knew Shiloh would hold".

Pastor Adeboye did a live Holy Ghost Service of Friday, the rest of the Holy Ghost Congress was virtual, from Monday December 7th till Sunday 13th, and both the live Holy Ghost Service and the virtual services in their branches were a shadow of what it used to be.

Pastor Kumuyi was forced to cancel the December Life National December Retreat Easter at the last moment, and convert it to a virtual nonsense. Deeper Life National December Retreat has been ongoing since 1974, impacting lots of lives, Shiloh has been ongoing since 1999, same with Holy Ghost Congress, yet these spiritual activities that had kept the nation one, despite the handworks of looting politicians, is being cancelled in the name of scamdemic.

The Lord's Chosen Charismatic Renewal Ministries usually have special end of the year programmes of 25th to 26th December at Chosen Ground Ijesha with over 100,000 in attendance. Mgbidi Crusade of January has even more attendance annually

Mountain of Fire Ministries MFM 70- Day fasting ends on Crossover Night. Winners Chapel and Redeemed Christian Church of God unveils God's agenda for the year during their crossover service. Dunamis International Gospel Centre has for over ten years attracted the largest crowd of worshipers during Crossover Service in FCT, with over 150,000 live at Glory Dome in 2020, overstretching the 100,000 capacity.

The Catholics and Anglicans usually do a two-three hour ne year service worldwide to prepare for the new year.

All these ceremonies are usually used to bring down the presence of God in a Solemn Assembly, and declare blessings and open doors for the new year. As a prophet, I know that these services are used to swallow up the activities of the occult kingdoms, and impose some measures of sanity over a criminal wicked system being run in Nigeria.

Churches are cancelling crossover service, leaving their flank open to the attacks of the devil. While churches are shut down during Crossover Night, witches, wizards, ritualistic, occult, Illuminati will be having a field day in their various covens and meeting points- yet these churches are yet to understand that they are conquered.

Covid-19 Scamdemics is a big joke . I had earlier prophesied , after Bill Gates and the WHO predicted that there will be millions of death in Africa, that no such thing will happen. I relayed the vision I saw concerning Nigeria in one of my piece titled in the peak of national lockdown in May, titled 'Shut Up: Covid-19 Will not Swallow Nigeria, Africa' I said that

"Covid-19 will not swallow Nigeria according to the visions and revelations I saw on the high mountains and Bill Gates, NCDC, WHO and Covid-19 Task force should shut up!

"The vision that I saw was in four phases;

Phase1 -Seen in February 2020- Flood of evil ravaging the world, penetrating into NAfrica and Nigeria and I had to climb higher to avoid the flood.

"Phase 2 -Seen in March 2020- Soldiers on the streets of Abuja and Lagos harassing and keeping people indoor forcefully

"Phase 3 -Seen in April 2020 - Churches, including Our Lady, Queen of Nigeria Pro-Cathedral, Abuja holding services with face mask, hand sanitizers, hand wash and few social distancing

"Phase 4-Seen in April 2020-Churches, including Faith Tabernacle, holding services without face masks and services jam-packed"

All these things I said happened in the sequences I prophesied, and I warned again in September 18th 2020 in tand mentioned specifically when Illuminati will strike the church. I stated categorically in the piece 'CAMA Law, Illuminati Hijacks Nass, Nigeria's Parliament' that

"The church have woken up late Let them wait till the last week of November, and they will be dealt a major blow that will last till January-then they will know that the 'Skulls and Bones Society' meant business"

I want to warn again, let all the sons of the prophets, Adeboye, Oyedepo, Odukoya, Kumuyi, Onaiyekan, Okogie, Enenche, Suleiman, Ibieyomie, rise up now and ensure that the 2020 Crossover Night which Illuminatic Covid-19 Scammers wants to use to stifle the church, deprive them of their spiritual power source and impose a zombiec vaccination on them and their members is frustrated, The Illuminati clampdown on churches will continue till end of January, and by then the Nigerian Churches will be reduced to weightless piece of papers to be tossed about by filthy, ritualistic, occultist and bloodsucking government officials., all through the year till they are turned to parastatals of government.

If the churches ignores my warnings, they will be turned to weightless piece of papers and a zombiec vaccine will be forced on their congregation.

I have written many pieces since this Covid-19 started, and I don't want to rehearse them, but let those who want to know more refer to those for better understanding of the subtle attacks on our spirituality.

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Let the sons of the prophets in Winners, RCCG, MFM, Deeper Life, Dunamis, Catholic and Anglican Churches protest this scamdemics shut down of churches crossover nights using all their spiritual and numerical authority before the Illuminati furthers their arrest of Cross-Over Night to arrest of our collective spirituality.

Obinna Akukwe, Columnist, Cleric, [email protected] , @obinnaakukwe

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