15.12.2020 Feature Article

A Power From Brute Force, Is A Power Without Dignity

A Power From Brute Force, Is A Power Without Dignity
15.12.2020 LISTEN

I am appalled by commentaries emanating from so-called Members of the New Patriotic Party which seek to subject members of the NDC to verbal attacks. Their reason is that the NDC did not accept the "fictionalized election results" and want to engage in any legitimate means for the right thing to be done.

I find it very difficult to understand this kind of reaction. You have used incumbency to engage in tyrannical acts, tortured so many citizens and still want to dictate how and where they should mourn? Is it the case of shear guilt or it is the case of absolute abuse of power?

The NDC is a law-abiding political party. It is the party that proudly birthed this democracy we are currently enjoying. Our respect for the law does not make us a bunch of timid people. It is our commitment to a peaceful coexistence. That is the reason we have not taken the laws into our own hands.

Demonstrations and mass protest are legitimate tools allowed in any democratic dispensation. Any one who chooses to insult members of the NDC because they seek to use those democratic instruments to have its issues heard by all stakeholders, is obviously selling their ignorance and forcing by-passers to buy same. It is such ignorance that is destroying our country and not those who insist on their fundamental human rights guaranteed in the 1992 constitution and the United Nation's Charter.

Clearly, the NPP is the beneficiary of this crooked and fraudulent election results and so they can applaud the EC for the thievery but isn't it a shame for the Electoral Commission to announce results, later comes to make correction and has since been altering same in their website? Imagine that the NPP was the receiving end of this comedy of errors, will they take it? Let's be a bit honest in the interest of the growth and prosperity of our country.

The Jean Mensah led commission isn't smart enough, the reason they have announced their guilt to the entire world. You tabulated a result whose total percentage exceeded 100% and now anytime you seek to correct, you further expose yourselves and yet want the people of Ghana to be mute? No one owns this country than the other!

An election where innocent citizens were killed by intimidating military under the command of President Akuffo Ado, just to snatch some seats to the incumbent can't be peaceful, free, fair and transparent. The NPP and it's greedy power abusers think that it is normal for people to be killed so that they can have another opportunity to practice their family and friends stealing agenda. It is nothing less than wickedness and will remain one of the darkest spots in the anals of our political history.

We, all, are aware that NPP government harboured this agenda since opposition and started executing same after winning power in 2016. The reason, the former electoral commissioner, Charlotte Osei was removed with some flimsy reasons.

Today as we speak, all seven commissioners are people appointed to execute the agenda of the NPP. I personally gave them the benefit of the doubt and thought that they will have the interest of this nation at heart. Time has indeed proven me wrong! They have been used like crayons! They compromised conscience for stomach and has brought a hitherto enviable democratic dispensation under it knees.

Today, they tell us that their inability to get their figures right is competence. They say, their blatant refusal to give attention to a petition to the largest opposition party is fairness. Today they think that election results are not won at the polling station but at the EC office and that is transparency. Today, when people are shot and killed by military, they say it is free of violence. Alas, posterity wheels slowly.

I love the great NDC for always standing for peace, equality and fairness. A power from brute force is a power without dignity. It is a power which does not reflect the sacred mandate of the people!

I wish to thank the NDC fraternity for its resilient and fortitude. I am also proud that the NDC is not up with guns. I am hopeful that, in the interest of Ghana, we shall use all legitimate means to expose the faces behind the stolen mandate. They are so many legitimate avenues we can use. Those thinking that they can think for us, are themselves showing signs of frustration uneasiness because we are going outside their traps of dictatorship. The saying that if the gods will kill you, they first make you mad, is true. The panic reactions are glaring. I urge the leadership of the NDC to explore every legitimate means to address our grievances.

May the departed souls, those who were brutally killed to give power to somebody, rest in perfect peace. Amen

A Voice of conscience

Denis Andaban

The Village boy from DBI