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12.12.2020 Feature Article

The World Ruler - Part 42

The World Ruler - Part 42
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"Platon, me as your student, Aristotle, let me tell you the truth and real issues of life. As much as I have a discourse with your lecturing’s and conclusions, as you so well know, I still respect you as a great philosopher and acknowledge that our philosophical schools are based on a different approach to see the world and the turning in space and time of it. As for me, I distinguish precisely between wise and clever people...oh, yes, let us walk a bit along the seashore as we always used to do back in the good olden days of our great country here on the Greek walking and thinking go hand in hand after all...our brain constantly needs fresh air when we want to think well.

The idea to sit in classroom or lecture halls as I can imagine for the future generations is a cheer nightmare for any intellectual brain that, like us, wants to move ahead in wisdom. But before I do intellectual bashing too much, let me come back to my point. No, the wise man is good, after all, Platon, no doubt about that. The wise man can think very well based on facts and information. His life experience in combination with a network of information and values in his mind will make him come to certain judgements from time to time, from level to level as time passes on and more information is hitting his head from more diverse people. All that what is available to the wise man he will use to speak his wisdom, words that can interest many and make them start their own thinking process about certain aspects of life or life at large. As much as words, written or spoken, can influence the minds of people, yet there is one important component that is needed which the wise man often forgets and even rejects, which is money.

We all know of Diogenes, the great philosopher in his barrel as he is laying in that wooden casket day in and day out looking up to the stars in the skies. He has so much time on his hand, is a free man, that he can think in unlimited ways. He does not have a master; he does not honour his parents or his family or even has a boss that feeds him in exchange for his work. No, Diogenes is there only for himself and whenever someone wants a slice of wisdom from him, he will find him in his barrel and ask in exchange for food and wine. Even in these moments, Diogenes does not share his insights into the issues of life with anyone approaching him. Oh no, we all only know him too well. He is very selective and the once he does not live, he does not answer, simple as that. His stomach might disturb him with hunger, yet he only shares his wisdom with people friendly to him. But let's face reality! What in the end is achieving except sharing wisdom? Wisdom in itself is great, it is the much-needed foundation of a great movement, of steps taken by mankind into a glorious future from level to level. But they are just words, ideas, guidance...not earthly forces.

Therefore, you know I say there are the wise men refusing money and the power of it seeing in money evil forces that destroy men and nations, while I see the clever man is a wise man that uses the wisdom of money and the positive forces money has to improve on his wisdom and make it effective. Money as such is only a different form of communication between people based on the fact that we cannot do all that we need by ourselves, like farming and trading and inventing, and fabrication and military engagements, and politics, and arts and what have you not. The higher we move as human beings the more diverse life gets, the higher we expect that we have from life. When our basic needs are fulfilled, we want to extra, the luxury to make our situation more and more comfortable. To hunt a deer and to pick olives from the trees for that one money is not needed. But once you specialize and go beyond your immediate close borders of your village, of your city and your society and nation, the exchange becomes something different.

And then money steps in. Money has no value unless you give it a meaning and value by your belief in it and that it is worth being exchanged for goods and services, that it can be used to make an impact. There the clever man steps in and has its meaningful position in our societies and nations. He is clever enough to be a wise man with money and the inner desire to use lots of it for his own agenda, to make a mark in this world, to change issues he sees with his very own personal eyes as issues of great importance that must be influenced and changed into the direction he sees as the best direction and outcome as a matter. The more he can get hold of the more he can influence can make a positive impact for others to follow him in his footsteps. Now I can already read your mind, Platon, you want to say that for healthy and wealthy society money must be shared equally among the people of a society that uprising is not on the menu.

As much as I do understand your underlining ideas and concept of such an aspect, let me tell you in this world you will see many people only a lifelong running around their societies with a consuming mentality instead of an investing mentality. They argue their money is too small to save and invest even over years and years, while others walking in the same shoes change their mind and find ways to save money. Such people develop the mentality of investing and by investing in creating the kind of workplaces and jobs needed desperately by the people that only have a consuming money mentality. The once with investing mentality that comes from ground zero will use all in their powers to find a way out, to struggle uphill. They will overcome any inner fears of losing all their savings, all their little, little savings, the fear that shame and disgrace will be put on their name by the once close and far around them, that he might fail and more shame and disgrace will be put on him by his loved once and friends that want him to be crushed forever, people that themselves would never ever try for a single moment to leave their comfort zone and struggle uphill, people that have in their minds the idea to be rich and famous, proclaiming they would know how it goes and if only money would come into their hands like manna from heaven, they certainly would also reach the economic top of their societies...minds in the darkness of wisdom how really to make it in life, to be rich and famous and meaningful to many others around. And the clever man also knows he is always standing alone in his corner.

People that see him grow, applaud him, and follow him; they love him. The same people will abandon him and put shame and disgrace on his name once he makes a mistake anyone can make in any situation of his life. The clever man knows so well, even among the applause of many, their admiration, their sweet words, their words were spoken to encourage the clever man in his tough times, in the end, he can only survive in this world with the well-developed emotional and intellectual capacity to stand all alone in the desert of life. Therefore, such a clever man will never be shaken by words of love nor hate and jealousy as he knows money is nothing but another form of human communication and interaction."

"Of course, we cannot accept capital punishment anymore. No one in our society will understand that any longer. Me as the President of the United States I know how many voters I would lose when we say that in all States of our country the death penalty should be imposed on our justice system and actually executed. I mean, that is inhuman. After all, it will not stop people from killing other people, it will not bring back the deaths, it will not bring justice to the loved once left behind. And it bears the risk as seen more too often in the past that innocent people were executed by the state. It is the same with torcher to press out the truth from people, that is equally inhuman and does not serve our society and mankind any good and justice. I remember very well, no doubt about that, that once in Germany a Police Chief that had to save the life of a young boy who got kidnapped by his own tutor, a young adult, wanting to blackmail the father of the innocent baby and extort Millions from him. Time was not on the hands of the Police Chief.

They had suspected the tutor of the boy to be his kidnapper hiding him at an undisclosed location. Therefore, he put pressure on that young adult and threatened him to do physical harm to him in case he would continue to refuse to disclose the location of the kidnapped banker´s son. Little did he knew by that time the boy was already murdered by the young adult sitting before him in his Police Headquarters Office. The emotional desperation of that Police Chief leads him to say that he would use force against the young kidnapper in case he refused the Police to find the whereabouts of the young child. Eventually, this tactic was helpful, and the dead body was recovered hours later. Things unfolded more and more, and the Police Chief had to resign from his job being seen as not able to conduct his duties on a professional level, even later had to stand in court for his decisions taken and sentences out of public office.

But I know that in have to keep suspects my people in various agencies think they are responsible for the attacks on the World Trade Center to bring the Twin Towers done in custody in Guantanamo on the Island of Cuba. Yes, not only newspaper reports are on my desk here in the oval office but also each morning intelligence reports about the torcher done to them to make them confess their guilt. I mean, after all, they have killed over three thousand innocent lives in New York City for which reason harsh and drastic measures need to be taken to find out the truth and bring to justice the once that are responsible for so many lives. Yes, I know our constitution does not allow the use of torcher even not that torcher is mentioned to the inmates, I know it so well and the foreign press shouts it out loud. But in the situation, we find our great country justifies that even these captured men are held in custody even without a court hearing ever coming to them which of course is against all the values and rules our great nation stands for, the rule of law. And I know the time might come when our wounds are healed more that we have to close the camp in Guantanamo and been forced to put pressure on other nations that depend on our donations and aid support to take these men one by one or as couples so that they are out of our sight and far from here. Yes, I know all that, but I am the President of this nation and it is my duty, regardless of the truth, the facts, and our values, to protect the interest of my people. They voted me into the office, and I have to ensure not to disappoint them at all!"

"Here sitting in our trenches hearing bomb fire all around us and the Fighter jets over our heads, it looks dark for us just before Christmas right into our second year of war with the world. Someone just last week told me, but I do not know whether or not it is true as it sounds so, so terrible to my ears, that in the concentration camps set up people, mainly Jews get killed by gas. First, they used trucks for that, now it seems they use specially build bathhouses against infectious diseases to end their lives. I do not want to believe it even I am all for our Führer and ready to die for his Reich, his big dream that he is dreaming for us simple people. After all, I mean, we were with no jobs, we were with no dignity, all take away from us after the last World War when we were forced to sign the Versaille Treaty that put all the shame and blame on us Germans for a policy that in the end, all Europeans were guilty of. I mean, when you look into the history of careful, I can see a bomb is about to hit us...keep all your heads is just...I can hear...the bomb will hit us right there, right over there...Peter and Dietrich, be careful, run to us, run for your life. Oh, my God...what did happen? They did not make it, the bomb killed the two so, brave men.

My heart is bleeding, I cannot believe it. I mean, they are innocent young men, they are simple soldiers and do as they were ordered to protect themselves and kill the enemy. No, you are wrong, they are good people. I mean what could they have done otherwise and what can we, the lucky once to survive from hour to hour do? When we are not here to kill the enemy, others will do our job and we will be killed by our own people. Can this be the solution? When I hear you talking nonsenses like that, are bleeding too. There, your wound on your upper right arm. I think this can develop a serious problem, very serious. but we have no one around, not even a medical helper, that you be of any use to you.

Hang on, my friend hang in there. When we can see the bombardment is coming down and we can carry you to safety and bring you to an ambulance...we will do that right away. So, we are all here sitting in the same shit, in the same boot, no way out. When anyone comes along and tells us if only we, the once with brain and dignity, with understanding, with open eyes, with ears to hear would stay out of this war by not coming but enjoying a jolly good time back home with our loved once while other come here to die in the trenches...that when we refuse to kill, we will be killed by the masses, by the soldiers ready to fight but not ready to die so that we must help to protect theirs besides our own lives.

And when the once at the top of our Reich hear about us down here in the trenches no longer willing to fight against any human being accept with words, just when they hear that rumour, guess what, they will send scary-looking strong men after us to execute us right on the spot without even asking us about our humanistic motives. I mean let's face it, this conflict is not only a conflict of our Führer and his ambition for a thousand-year long-lasting Reich crossing the globe and be among the most famous Reichs in world history, but it is the end of a long, long road in Europe on which nations for thousands of years have fought each other, neighbours their neighbours, one human being the other human being for the sack of power and expansion of territory across the own border, for a wider population, for more wealth and fame. I mean, come on, let's get serious all of us here that are close to death, just about to be shot and see our Master in heaven. We are humans but as it seems to be worse than animals that do not treat each other on their own level such as that. We think we are far better than everything around us that we are supposed to take control of and use for our own self, for our better well-being. Instead, as Cain quite rightly demonstrated, we humans killed our Abels. It is not that only one of us is responsible for all the mess committed here on our continent, no, it is all of us at different times during all those thousands of years passed. So, in the end, we all have to take our blame which does not mean I underestimate the different levels of our guilt at different times in history, no, I would never do such things. And when we sit nowhere at the forefront of capitalism against communism, two opposing concepts how to move the world and societies therein forward, how crazy is that?

Only because people think they want to live a different life to live a better life to kill other people. That is pure madness. Yes, I recognize that there is a need for the right system in a certain society and that this only works for the majority of people, but the rest of the people with a different mind simply have to accept it sooner or later somehow in their own little pity, pity ways or migrate to other countries. This world is so big, there are so many opportunities in time, space, and circumstances. I, for myself speaking, never understand any person that does only one thing in life, one job and one profession and wants to stay always at the same place where he was born to die there. No way! As for me, I am always on the move as life is moving faster and faster each and every day. I mean, life is not about a standstill and slow progress, life is working with time and when our time here is up, it is up and time lost and spent foolishly, will never come back. Life is never turning around and looks back to the past. Only us humans we do that, but time is only ticking and moving ahead into new territories, into new insights, into new adventures. So, why on earth would any human be concluded to progress only at the time of standstill, the space-born to die, instead of moving ahead in time, space and inner change and development? I mean that is crazy, this foolish idea.

I understand it gives people the impression to be safe and sound, of security when they live where they were born, not move beyond their national borders to live in other places and see the world with the eyes of other people and the cultural aspects that come with other people, something which helps all of us to look into a visual mirror and reflect on our very most inner self. Oh my God, let’s all run over there, in that corner...again heavy bombardment is overhead of us. I can hear Fighter Jets coming. When they spot us and drop their bombs right onto our heads, we are finished. There is no way out form here, no other place to hide, we are trapped. So, lets us use these precious moments that possibly will be our last to say a prayer into all our souls that we might find peace in our hearts if our hearts will pump blood and with that water the flowers that one day will grow in the soil all around us. I mean, both systems have their advantages and disadvantages, communism, and capitalism, that is what I mean.

But to fight as we are fighting is not an option to create a better world, rather a very, very bad reputation when I think of our Maker. What should he think of us? That we are bastards that have nothing on their mind but to cheat on him when Adam and Eva betrayed him by not keeping his very simple command and after that, we fought one fight after the other in all the corners of the world? And now that we seem to have reached a certain level of age, have seen so many people dying for all the wrong reasons in the power struggle between societies and nations, between villages and societies and, that all that had to happen and that we have listened to endless numbers of great philosophers and humanists, I guess what is needed is a final new concept of humanity to save us. Surely, there is nothing new on planet earth, everything we humans were able to think as regards to these aspects has been thought by many that had gone before us. But what we must do is what we know to prioritize and by that set new standards.

The bomb just missed us by a few meters, thanks to God...give him thanks for one more chance to live, one more minute, one more hour, one more month, one more year. So, coming back to the point...and I see your situation in which you are, Gerhard, I mean that is serious. So, the point is that this new concept of humanity can only come from someone does not touch by any ideas of humanity, not spoiled by any words spoken, but by a people that live their life anyhow to the best they think they can live it but otherwise intellectually are a blanc, empty cheque. That once to me seems to have the greatest gift to bring out and deliver to mankind to bring about a change and make a significant impact for a long, long future to come.

The dream of the human race to dominate the world in their own image has been so sweet and bitter at the same time. The dream is a dream only and reality only when God mandates it to happen based on moral higher and higher standards, now on the new concept of humanity and no longer on economic or military grounds. Only the new concept of humanity promotes and honours the new ruler of the world and lets him sit on his throne for a very long time in human history. No, this is not prophesied my good friend, Karsten, this is just looking beyond the obvious, beyond what I can see and hear, what I can read, what I can understand. I mean, I am not living, like most of you, in there here and now, but I live in the here and now with the clear mindset and understanding of all the times humans have passed through and try to make sense of it all to predict the most possible outcome of our future, that is all.

Of course not, I do not claim to be born with the golden spoon to know it all, what is about to happen, but to the best of my understanding of what humans have passed through in time and space, that is my understanding as of now. So, only the one never touched by any intellectual problems can now get started to come up with the new concept of humanity and lead the others into a better future. That certainly is also an underdog no one right now would ever believe that that one would make it in life and come out standing tall above the rest. I am dam sure about that. But...let me add, this will never change the agenda as what is meant to happen, eventually, over time and passing through hardship, will see the light of the day and dominate the world...I am telling you...mark my words!"

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