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12.12.2020 Feature Article

The World Ruler - Part 41

The World Ruler - Part 41
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"If you are not confessing, we will use the stretcher on you. Guess what, you slut, we are the masters, and you are in our hands. With you we can do anything as we please. do not dare to cry and shout as anyway these walls here, my friend, they are so thick, no one would even hear you. There is no way out but to confess that you are a witch, a dam bloody witch and that the death of the young Marie in your village, the daughter of the Major of your village, that tiny little whatever you might call it, that collective gathering of houses made of mud, not even of stone like our fortress is, this beautiful, beautiful thick stone wall building of our beloved Duke of Braunschweig-Lüneburg, deep down in the cellars in which we always, at any time, with absolutely no doubt, will bring anyone to confess anything. Can you see the iron rod here in my hands, how it is glowingly hot, how it wishes to burn in your flesh? Oh, my dear Mathilda, born by the devil evil as hell, how this burning iron rod wishes to burn in your flesh, burn your heart to death? Can you see it? Can you see it here right before your very eyes?

Oh, Mathilda, you can make your life all that easy and confess. No one has ever escaped from this prison, from our torcher, unharmed or even alive when found guilty. So, do not make your life too hard and confess that you are a witch, the bride of the devil. Come on and your confession will set your soul free as anyone being in our hands will never be set free and live a happy ending. Mathilda, now come on, my patience with you is ending. If you still keep your mouth shut...oh, sorry, I am foolish, I forgot...we have already cut off your not be upset with us on that small matter, I beg of you. So, all you need to do is when I ask you a very last time whether you confess being a witch and that Marie died of an accident coming under a carriage by the crossroad outside your village on the way to Lüneburg, we can make your misery all that easier. So, just shake your head when I ask you the very last time before the time is up. Will you confess that you are a witch? I can see you are too stubborn. Anyway, your time is up, your chance has gone. Tomorrow at midday you will burn to death on the market square right in front of our town hall for all to watch your last moments in pain, in agony!"

"Brutus, I have not seen you for a long time. You do not come to Rome anymore that often as you used to in the past. I still remember back the days when you and I were not married but bachelors always on the run. Oh gosh, how wonderful those days were, Brutus. The days we were doing to the bathhouse and enjoyed sitting along with others on the toilets sharing our love stories, making business will siting there and letting our natural courses be our natural courses. Oh, Brutus, and you are right to remind me of the days when we were just married to our most beloved wives and were going to have orgy after orgy...with these wonderful slaves, I mean the beautiful Ladies from the Archemidian Empire and the boys...oh, so young boys, so, so strong boys with the strong and big and long know what I am talking about, I mean what you and I also have in a smaller size...oh, gosh, to see their dark brown and black skin, their body so masculine, so enormous, when they entered us from behind...oh Brutus, I am still getting so excited. And when we had them with us, all the food around us gave us strength even to have a good round of sex with these beautiful ladies from lands so far from Rome but still part of our Empire. Brutus, we must again do as we did in the past, the years have gone by. I mean, only to sit here in the area watching Gladiators fight each other to death or lions, oh, these giant creatures, so, so dangerous Brutus, hungry as they keep these predators, so hungry for meat...and then jumping onto innocent slaves that we keep for our entertainment and domestic work in our houses.

Oh Brutus, how wonderful Rome is, how strong and mighty our Empire is. I cannot imagine in my wildest dreams that one day we will wake up and Rome will be an ordinary city and the Empire will be the only history. No way, that this is ever going to happen. Brutus, we are too strong, too powerful, to mighty ever to fail. Yes, I hear you, Brutus, when you speak silently into my ears only for me to hear your concerns. Yes, I know what you are trying to tell me. We are not the first Empire on earth and that I should look at the Pharaohs in Egypt that are no more sitting on their thrones. Brutus, you make a very big mistake when you think that we are not cleverer than the ancient Egyptians. Trust me on that, we are much wiser than they are. We know the history and we know how to avoid mistakes that make us obsolete on the day, history only. Look how much we invent our future each and every day. We bring drinking water from far to people in our cities, we construct roads so we can reach with our carriages and horses any corner of our Empire. No, what we can do and what we have already achieved is for all times, not only for a short time, no way. We are different than any other country, any other Empire in the world. And we have set moral and legal standards that are the same for all people in our Empire. What we want, what we think, what we say is standard for the rest of the world. The people of this planet bow down to us and worship our genius. There is never anything better than what we have decided to be worth it, never. I give my life to it, Brutus. You can bet on my life!"

"When I check him out, I do not know. He looks strong, he looks healthy, but I simply do not know whether I should buy him. When I look into his eyes, he has something that makes me wonder. I only want slaves on my plantation in Texas that can work and obey my commandants. When I look into that man`s eyes, there is something that tells me he is a troublemaker. He has a strong will of his own. My feelings tell me he might even start a revolt and, in the end, kill me out of anger about his life. As much as he is healthy and strong...even his wife seems to be making a good housemaid for my wife...but his eyes tell me there is danger coming to me. But here at Castle Osu in your beautiful Accra, you must have more slaves to sell some that are not so expensive and that are willing to work. I need a strong man that can survive the long trip back to my state of Texas and work hard on the cotton fields. Her life is hard anyway, I know that as I have seen how your own people labour here on your farms.

Some of your own people, Gideon, you keep as slaves for yourselves or cheat on when you promise to pay them by the end of the months their salary reduced by your own powers. I have seen it so often when you agree on certain money with these poor villagers you never keep your promise. Even when they have done a good job, you hold back money for your own family to make yourself richer and richer. Oh, do not come to me like that, my good old friend. We have done this kind of business for so many years already and I bought so many slaves from you. I know how you people are selling your own people as slaves to us so that we in the USA can use them to boost our economy. Yes, the gold and diamonds we take from you, we never pay the right world market prices as our muscles are stronger than yours. You depend on selling cocoa and gold to us to build your own mansions and sit above your own people. So, please, do not come to me like that with any moral issues, with anything we do wrong that you try to throw back into our faces. This slaves trade that we participate in goes on in your countries here in West-Africa far longer than we know you and I am sure will even continue long after we would possible have stopped the slave trade... let's not fool ourselves on that. When slavery in my country of Texas will long be abolished and made illegal, you will make it illegal as well but behind the scenes, the obvious regardless of written laws, still use slaves for your economy.

You will use moral standards and ideas of humanity to justify your slave trade, that poverty in families was the evil root of it while the women and men only have to keep their legs closed and men better turn to rubbing their dicks instead of impregnating the wives. Oh, come on, be for once honest to yourself and the rest of the world. Just like me, that has an eager interest to become rich and rich fast. But while I and my fellow countrymen believe when riches of a nation are shared among a wider spectrum of the population you still hang on to the old tradition of yourself and your family first. That is a small but significant difference between your people and my people. I know you will forever and ever make us responsible for what is going wrong in your country unwilling to accept your shortcomings. You will destroy your nature and still make us responsible for it. But let's come back to our business and this man right in front of me. He seems to be smart. He is a bit educated; you say. Ok, I hear you! So, you think I should take him for my plantation and train him to be an accountant to help me with the finances and its management. Oh, and here is another man. See his muscles, his body. See how strong he is. I think, we can close a deal about these two people if, yes, if the price is right. You must come down with the price fast and with might!"

Karl-Heinz Heerde
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