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11.12.2020 Feature Article

Critical analysis of what might happen after the shambolic and flawed declaration of 2020 election results in Ghana 

Critical analysis of what might happen after the shambolic and flawed declaration of 2020 election results in Ghana 
LISTEN DEC 11, 2020

The plan of Akufo-Addo and NPP after their convincing defeat is to manipulate EC to declare Nana Addo as the winner of the 2020 Presidential elections with fabricated results.

This has been achieved, but the EC is not smart enough, the declaration was based on wrong calculations and she has admitted making a blatant and unpardonable mistake in the percentages she announced.

Nana Addo and NPP will then decide to release their "wise men", the peace council, chiefs and/or opinion leaders to persuade a peace-loving John Mahama to accept that flawed results. This is ongoing but will not work. John Dramani Mahama will not accept the cooked up results nor be persuaded by hypocrites pretending to be mediators.

If this NPP strategy doesn't work as we can bear witness to it now, they will then wish and hope that NDC wouldn't have enough evidence (pink sheets) to go to court so that they can hold on to the stolen verdict, but if they are unfortunate, as it is happening now and NDC are able to assemble all the evidence and head to court for redress, then these NPP Judges at the Supreme court might simply dismiss the case with frivolous excuse or rule in NPP favour without taking into consideration the hardcore evidence presented to them. All these thievery and evil activities are carefully planned by NPP with most of the Media houses, some religious leaders, the judiciary and EC.

As stated earlier, if the NDC happens to provide enough and convincing evidence, then the NPP supreme court judges could still come out with an excuse to dismiss the case or might trigger the annulment of the flawed declaration and order the collation of all the pink sheets from every polling station.

This will favour NDC and it will strengthen the fabrics of our democracy but the supreme court of Ghana has already been compromised and infiltrated with NPP sympathisers who were appointed by the NPP government.

These NPP judges am afraid will never make such judgement, alternatively, they might favour NPP by giving them a second chance thereby ordering a re-run of the elections between NDC and NPP.

If that happens, NDC will win massively.

NDC, on the other hand, will put pressure on the most corrupt and incompetent EC, the military, the international community, peace lovers in Ghana to speak up and condemn this daylight robbery and also work behind the scenes to encourage the EC to do the right thing by collating the actual results from all polling stations in the areas with wrong results.

This pressure would involve sustained peaceful protests across the country, it could lead to the destruction of properties and also loss of lives due to brutal use force to stop the protests by the invisible forces and delta forces, the militia groups of the NPP who have infiltrated our military.

coup d'etat could also take place to remove Nana Addo who has genuinely lost the elections but has decided to manipulate the results and hand over power to the true winner.

I will personally urge all NDC supporters to come out in their numbers and converge at EC office and/or party headquarters to demonstrate peacefully and demand that the sovereign will of the CITIZENS are duly respected by EC and Nana Addo, any act of violence at this stage will derail public support and sympathy even though sometimes that is the only way the international community would take such matter seriously.

If the above lines of action fail to right the wrong, then the legal luminaries would lead a legal battle in the supreme court to ensure that every vote is counted and correctly collated.

God bless Ghana

Michael Frempong

Political Analyst London