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07.12.2020 Europe

DRC: Tshisekedi dismantles ruling coalition with Kabila’s party

LISTEN DEC 7, 2020

Congolese President Felix Tshisekedi on Sunday announced the end of a coalition agreement between his party and that of former President Joseph Kabila. Tshisekedi spent half an hour addressing the nation, discussing the outcome of national consultations held in November. 

“My dear compatriots, I have consulted you and you have spoken to me,” said the president of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. 

Tshisekedi mentioned a number of issues that had been raised during several weeks of consultations, notably, instability, insecurity, democratic governance, corruption, youth unemployment and the role of women. 

But perhaps the biggest announcement was the dismantling of the coalition with the Common Front for Congo (FCC) of Tshisekedi's predecessor Kabila. 

“It has not allowed me to implement my programme and respond to the expectations of the Congolese,” said Tshisekedi, according to RFI service Afrique

Tshisekedi touched on a situation of “persistent crisis” and parliamentary stalemate, referring to a recent case of nominating judges to the country's constitutional court.

A new coalition?
The Congolese president talked about the need to establish a new ruling parliamentary majority, mentioning a “collective duty” and of a “decisive turning point in the democratic establishment”. 

Tshisekedi will charge someone with helping to identify a new governing coalition amongst the sitting MPs, however, this may prove difficult given the parliamentary majority the FCC holds. 

If the president is not able to form a new coalition, he has not ruled out the possibility of dissolving the country's parliament. 

Kabila, who was the DRC's president for 18 years, maintains a considerable hold over the country's politics with the number of seats his party holds in parliament and share of ministerial posts. 

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