Election 2020: Himan Divisional Council uges election stakeholders to ensure peace

Politics Nana Nteboa Pra IV - Divisional Chief of Himan
DEC 5, 2020 LISTEN
Nana Nteboa Pra IV - Divisional Chief of Himan

cannot walk that path.

The Himan Divisional Chief further stated, it will rather be prudent to use huge monies for development than to use them in solving election related conflicts.

He said, peace must not be taken for granted.

“We cannot buy peace; it is something God has given us. Let us all have this in mind and be committed to peace”. Nana Nteboa Pra IV counselled.

On his part, the Deputy Chief Imam of Prestea, Mallam Abdul Majid said, they were in support of the “Committed to Peace” (CtoP) campaign and that, he and the entire Muslim Community would make sure peace is maintained, before, during and after the elections.

Mallam Majid re-echoing what Islam stands for, mentioned that “Islam is peace. And that peace must be held high to have smooth electoral process in the Prestea Huni -Valley Constituency.”

Later, parliamentary candidates who were present; Hon. Robert Wisdom Cudjoe of the National Democratic Congress and Mr. Samuel Abokyi of the Great Consolidated Popular Party pledged to Commit to Peace in this year’s elections.

The event which took place at Himan Palace on December 3, 2020, saw NCCE, media, clergy and the Police attending.

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