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03.12.2020 Opinion

Ignore the Bogus allegations being bandied around

By Kofi Asante (Sir Gabo)
Ignore the Bogus allegations being bandied around
LISTEN DEC 3, 2020

Dear Valued Reader,

It is most unfortunate our dear brother Martin Amidu the first appointed Special Prosecutor by the President of Ghana, had to tender his resignation at the time when all Ghanaians were expecting so much from him.

Before Martin Amidu's resignation there had been diverse allegations against Nana Addo's Government that bordered on corruption and wrongdoings. About a couple of months ago, there was a fabricated story concerning a £26m that was allegedly packed in suitcases aboard a supposedly private jet which according to the rumour peddlers arrived at Heathrow Airport. The allegation of illicit transfer of money was levelled against some family and friends close to the president. Every Ghanaian now knows it was a bogus allegation which was calculated to tarnish the image of Nana Addo's Government.

In mid-June 2019, there was another wild allegation levelled against the Minister of Works and Housing, Atta Akyea for awarding a $34bn dollar contract to a Ghanaian woman who lived in Germany to build one million houses in Ghana. How was this possible? What is the total market value of Ghana's economy? Perhaps this was the biggest allegations that had ever been levelled against Nana Addo's Government.Those who peddled that rumour merely demonstrated their level of ignorance and economic illiteracy of Ghana's economy.

When an allegation succeeds in displaying a complete lack of knowledge of what the person is talking about, you simply have to motivate yourself and forget about anything concerning it because time is very precious.

Among the lastest videos making rounds on social media is the diabolic fake audio where some party supporters in October 2016 went to Candidate Nana Addo's office to offer GH 40,000 in support of the printing of party T-shirts. In their usual wicked scheme of things, they are telling Ghanaians that our integrity-President Nana Addo Danquah Akufo-Addo took bribe from the party supporters. The then presidential candidate Nana Addo wrote the person's name just to keep record of names of party financiers. Another bogus allegation! Bogus! Bogus! Bogus!

In the midst of all the endless fake news against Nana Addo's governance, the Government continues to protect Ghanaians against the ravages of Covid-19, there are children who go to school free, there are Ghanaians including the liars themselves who are enjoying free electricity and free water, there is continuous production of assorted food in abundance to feed Ghanaians due to the NPP Government's imaginative policy of Growing for Food and Jobs programme.

About week ago, the compassionate publisher of London Evening Standard wrote a letter on the frontpage of the newspaper appealing to Londoners to come out in their numbers to donate food to those who cannot afford to provide food for themselves due to many factors especially in this era of the Covid-19 pandemic. If you watched CNN and catched a glimpse of Americans joining long queues at food banks in some of their major cities, you would not take for granted the availability of plantain, cassava, yam and other foodstuffs in our beloved country.You would rather join me to shout on top of our voices and say: Thank you Mr President, thank you the Agriculture Minister, Dr Owusu Afriyie Akoto. Mo ne adwuma pa.

Despite the numerous and bogus allegations being spinned around, the ruling Government is vigorously pursuing its programme of digitizing the Ghanaian economy which is being championed by our dear Vice President Dr Mahmoud Bawumia. His diligent and determined efforts to transform the structure of our economy by linking the huge informal sector to the formal sector in the provision of services via digitization is a sine qua non to the process of modernising the Ghanaian economy.Thank you Mr Vice President.

These are the true, admirable and honourable issues Ghanaians should think and talk about especially as we inch gradually towards the General Elections on December 7.

The highly combustible fake news being propagated against Nana Addo's Government cannot burn the tangible achievements of the NPP Government dotted across the nooks and crannies of the country.

The endless statistics of blazing inferno of bogus allegations against Nana Addo's government will rather strengthen the political clout of Nana Addo Danquah Akufo-Addo - which is expansive and lay deep in the political history of Ghana.

They peddled similar allegations against Kuffour's Government. We must certainly confront, demolish, destroy and quench their highly inflammable messages and lies against the current government by engaging various people in different dialects via radio stations in the 16 regions until we all get to the polling station next Monday.

Our dear President Nana Addo Danquah Akufo-Addo has proved that he has the guts and gravitas to turbocharge our country out of four persistent years of 'Dumsour Economy' onto the path of hope for the future by giving us so much within a space of four years

It took 30 million Ghanaians 60 years - from 1957 to 2017 - for one person, the courageous Nana Addo to make us realise that it is possible for every Ghanaian child to attend secondary school free. What could be more equitable way of distributing the national income than this? The opposition NDC Party said free education was '419' and it was impossible for any Government to initiate that.They ran millions of adverts to demolish Nana Addo's ground-breaking idea. They are now lying through their teeth that it was their Government that started it. How do you feel, imagine and think when obvious fact such as the introduction of Free SHS is twisted to insult your intelligence ? Incredible!

Is the NDC Party treating Ghanaians as fools?

Please don't be naive and guillible to believe anything they tell you!

The Nana Addo's Free SHS is the effulgence of politics in Ghana.

It is the wish of the editorial management of The Sakora Wonoo Economist newspaper that majority of Ghanaians would treat all the unsubstantiated accusations being levelled against Nana Addo's Government with the contempt and disdain they deserve and rather give the NPP Government another thump up on December 7.

Please, ignore the orchestrated campaign that has been mounted by the NDC to demonize Nana Addo's Government. Do yourself a favour by going out there on Monday and vote to protect the future of your children's children.

I remain

Yours truly

Kofi Asante (Sir Gabo)

The Editor-in-Chief

The Sakora Wonoo Economist.

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