04.12.2020 Opinion

Free water, 50% discount light bill be canceled or maintained after December 7th

By Oware Iddrissu
Free water, 50% discount light bill be canceled or maintained after December 7th
LISTEN DEC 4, 2020

Elections are what determine the fate of a country's developmental status, after elections a political party's fate is determined, as to whether they will still rule or they will be kicked out by other political parties.

Policies are made by the ruling government which is believed will suit the people in the country but after elections decide as to whether certain policies would be canceled or maintained.

The president of the incumbent government, H.E. Nana Addo Akuffo Addo, has provided the country with free water and a 50% discount on light bill due to the pandemic the whole country faces.

Water is considered as a crucial component for daily consumption, it is very important to have water in every vicinity or part of the country.

Light is also one of the important amenities that provide comfortableness to people in a country, most companies and facilities benefit from both light and water to keep them on their toes to work for development. Light and water provide ease in the economical beat of a country.

During the moment when the country was battling coronavirus, water was one of the crucial weapons doctors and nurses advised individuals to have at their side. Ghanaians were advised to regularly wash hands with soap to arrest the spread of the virus.

Due to that, the president directed the Ghana Water Company Limited (G.W.W.) and the Electricity Company of Ghana(E.C.G.) to ensure a stable supply of water and electricity during that period, in one of his addresses to the Nation.

He promised a 50% discount which would be paid off from the light bill for residential and commercial consumers.

The policy have made Ghanaian comfortable in water-related issues and light related issues since the day it started. Some parts of Ghana have had water to and fro in their communities without any problems, individuals with high paying rate on light bills have had their heads through since the government's intervention on paying a 50% discount.

As a country when individuals have access to such social amenities it aids in commercial, industrial, and individuals tenderness. it also provides economical developments.

Considering the time when water was not free and no discount on light bills, companies were forced to close due to the huge amount they couldn’t afford for lights.

Homes were battling water crises, factories that frequently use water had to find alternatives to get water for production development.

Coronavirus has come to stay as a virus, hence, the frequent use of water is still hammered on by doctors to fight dirty particles that might attract the novel virus, light, on the other hand, is very essential to individuals, perhaps the discount placed on the light will encourage rural areas who have no lights to connect light in their rural residents.

Despite the government's interventions in light and water bills, Ghanaians demand to be assured whether the policy of free water and 50% discount on the light will be canceled or maintained after 7th December 2020.

Problems faced from the free water and light policy.

The free water policy in Ghana has provided comfort but has also bestowed inaccessibility to some people in some parts of the country who resides in the urban areas enjoy the free water than the residents in the rural areas.

In some rural areas, residents do not enjoy free water due to pipes that rarely flow.

Light bills continue to rise up despite the 50% discount paid by the government.

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