01.12.2020 Feature Article

Politicians don't get massacred or go to bed hungry: you do

Politicians don't get massacred or go to bed hungry: you do
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Many African countries have lost control of security to protect their precious lives in their countries. Leaders are not accountable since they can justify and condemn atrocities by sending aides out to say they are shocked, wondering if they have become numbed, lost consciousness, morally incapacitated or gloating.

It is not only in Ethiopia that war has broken out again, but Sudan is also still smothering (receiving refugees) and Nigeria that used to be the giant of Africa has been going to the dogs for more than 10 years. There is no more doubt that those we thought were capable hands and well-meaning are so overwhelmed, they have no clue on how to solve multiple security and economic problems.

However, they know how to impose dullards in skilful positions and suck out self-centered entitlements from the masses with impunity. Boko Haram has been declared one of the worst terrorist groups in the world for many years. They became notorious outside Africa after kidnapping innocent girls from their boarding schools. Since then, they are more vicious and bolder because their sponsors are not only outside Africa but many in Nigeria. Boko Haram metastasized in the hands of their original local sponsors from religious political thugs to voracious blood suckers destroying the country beyond the expectation of the politicians they have overpowered and outgrown.

We do not know when the same leaders that are always in shock condemning Boko Haram are going to wake up from the disaster of their creation. If it is not Fulani herdsmen rampaging the country, it’s Boko Haram. Indeed, victims all over the country do not know or care about the difference between them and SARS. The killings and harassment of farmers in the South, Fulani herdsmen killing Hausa farmers for about a century and Beromi in Plateau have left politicians in a state of shock. We have no idea when or if they will ever wake up from the continual shocks to condemnation. Yet, they open the border to those they claimed come from outside to dodge responsibility.

All the military resources at their arsenal can only kill and brutalize #ENDSARS in Lagos, hungry and angry protesters from Jos, Zaki Biam to Oddi massacres but no progress in curtailing Boko Haram in Borno. The people of Borno have not known or remember what it was to live or sleep with both eyes closed since Boko Haram took over Power from local politicians. They have added another lexicon to pick and choose what is "fake news". Victims of #ENDSARS, Fulani rampage, Boko Haram sponsorship are fake news used to blackmail the Government that is bringing peace and economic relief to the African giant! Ah ah ah!

Africans must ask themselves what exactly they are fighting, if it is killing and maiming one another for? We lost everything we ever had to others with the help of traitors within and kept on losing. Yet we fight over the same rogue leaders, land and resources that have lost values at the disposal of our preferred foreign trading partners. It is one thing to campaign on the best way to regain economic Independence by African, progressive or conservative ideologies or to find a better future for our masses but when we fight and murder ourselves based on religion or ethnicity, efforts are diverted to unproductive ventures.

Rich children do drag races with the most expensive cars in the world, join La Buena Vida etc. and flaunt all these right in the face of the masses. There seems to be a contract between the rulers and the ruled to sacrifice the poor for the privilege of the rich. Most of the religions promised paradise in heaven, 40 virgins but very little in this world except the crumbs left as charities. So some people actually believe that lives are worth sacrificing for the Pharaohs on the way to heaven. They worship the hypocrisy of those that used them to make money by patronizing the used and whatever is left over from their foreign masters as civilization.

Boko Haram and #ENDSARS must face their Oppressors that leave them Angry and Hungry but must stop killing, maiming and looting the businesses of the working class. Distinguish your actions from those thugs and hoodlums that do it for a living. Some of the protesters realize that they have been infiltrated by some miscreants and try to police themselves. It becomes a daunting task when organs of constituted authority empower their thugs. There are too many Politicians and their cronies with no visible means of income living the good life around the world better than Politicians in foreign countries; yet most of their people live in abject poverty. African people dey suffer, no be small O.

Paid Boko Haram fighters, Niger Delta militia are paid in millions in the name of rehabilitation while Youths that played by the rules, got educated and worked hard can hardly get jobs and when they do or start their own businesses can never make as much as the militia. When some of the people suddenly wake up from their dose of indoctrination which is worse than drugs, they label them violent. The politicians sensing threat to their lives and privilege, deploy, divide, use tactics to dis-organize and set them on fire against one another. Indeed, the Protects are infiltrated by paid thugs and hoodlums that have nothing in common with the protesters to cause violence, mayhem and disaffection.

Anyone that thinks Africans do not have solutions to their local problems is underestimating the resolve of the Youths that have been denied leadership positions by old cargos that should be in retirement homes. Most of these leaders have been there since their late 20s to early 30s. In that case, there is no reason for Ethiopia led by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, a young man that made tremendous progress in reconciliation with Eritrea only to engage Tigray.

The fierce fighting there has left thousands of civilians and security forces dead. Even if he won or defeated Tigray People's Liberation Front opponents, it demonstrates how far Africans are willing to go to conquer opposition rather than find peace. Sudan that is just coming out of its own war is the destination of Tigray refugees!

Africa, if you cannot save yourselves, who is going to save you? We have real enemies within us that diverted and continue to divert our attention. Those that abet and call in the plunderer of our resources and collude with enemies outside in return for gains, hold their noses from the stench and prosecute you for war crimes to satisfy and uphold their moral values in their foreign country of choice.

Since politicians pay thugs to hurt and kill people, Boko Haram and #ENDSARS must unite and concentrate on those that use them to celebrate your miseries for self-preservation and the privilege of living big at the expense of the disenfranchised.

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