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The World Ruler - Part 36

The World Ruler - Part 36
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Samuel looked at him with a question mark in his eyes: "Among us...I mean we are killers, arm robbers, we have cheated on people, we are sinners as much as sinners can be!"

David agreed and added: "He is right, your Majesty. We are sinners of the worst kind. We have been in gangs, stolen money, stolen cars, stolen...and some of us have killed others for money. And there you are, a Saint for sure...and you are telling us that you see it as a privilege to be among us? Your Majestic" did David look around the other inmates seeing Richard, a senior guard, standing next to his post with a machine gun ready to use in case of any wrong movement to be seen down below him in the inner courtyard, "you cannot mean it the way we understand it!"

"God`s ways are not our ways. He knows best and I submit myself to his throne," responded King Thomas with a big smile on his face. From the corner of his right eye did he see a thin and small man, young of an age, approaching him, looked at King Thomas, stood still, not moving an inch, looked and looked at a man he only knew from TV and the odd old newspapers circulating in the prison to keep the inmates occupied.

The slim man opened his mouth suddenly and said: "It is not true. You are not.... " He lost his words, looked down on himself, looked again at King Thomas and mentioned: "King hero...the man I die for?"

"Sit down, my, my side," said King Thomas and smiled at the man who introduced himself as Fred, Fred from a village close to Techiman.

"My King...because of you I am still alive!"

"Why? What did happen?"

"Chieftaincy problems...the usual issues we here have in Ghana for generations, your Majesty," reported Fred his case. "My village and the neighbouring village had a dispute over lands and the power in the region. They were seriously fighting each other, even some of us died over it and the army was called in eventually. I had petitioned you, written a letter and given it to a friend of mine to bring it down to Bergo for you to read and take actions. It did not take long, and you were sending a Special Envoy to our village to look into the matter and find a solution that works for all of us. If not because of that intervention I might not sit today here next to you as I was one of the people the other village had targeted wanting to take my life as a sacrifice to stand on and proclaim victory."

"How disgusting...but in the end a great story," said King Thomas looking around the courtyard seeing many men were secretly looking at the group sitting around their King. He took a deep breath and asked: "What brought you here?"

"To cut a long story short...I stole from people, money, TV sets, radios and things like that!"


"I could now say the usual...."

"Such as?"

"Such as that money was never in my hands enough and work was not available to live an honest life!"

"Was it so?"

"Not quite!"

"So, what was the reason than forgoing the wrong way?"

"I was in need of money, that is for sure. But while others were patiently waiting and praying for things to change, I wanted to take the short-cut!"

"You think there is a God, but you also mean that to trust him is sometimes too much asked of a human?"

"That is exactly what I was thinking!"

"And that thinking was eventually bringing you here?"

"Yes, your Majesty. God is teaching me a lesson in seclusion, behind these mighty walls facing guards with automatic weapons."

"Are you learning?"

"I am learning each and every day...which is not easy and never happens overnight!"

"Sure...good things take time!"

"That is true, your Majesty," he looked ashamed down to the ground. Few minutes in silence passed before he was to be heard: "But innocent man like mean...."

"I am learning, too!" interrupted King Thomas Fred and took his left hand to hold it for a few moments.

"I still remember my late mother so very well. She was a woman I have now mixed feels for. She was great in taking care of us children, did everything she was able to do but the flip side of her character was the real reason why in the end she passed on so early."

"And that is what?"

"She believed in the existence and power of angles, even had a few books in our house telling about angles. She believed so much in them that she tried to collect small statues of angles. Somewhere in the house, there was always an old bible lying around unattended to. When she had to clean the house, she picked the bible up, had a quick look at it, saw the bible as any book at that moment and pushed it to the side. Whenever something entered the life that was new to her she was scared to death. Even I often told her rational about a certain situation and that nothing harmful would ever be possible to come to her from that situation, my mother would never listen to me rather spent weeks in fears of what might happen to her but never hit her. This underlining character of my mother was part of her lifestyle always. When she was young, she wanted to have a man by her side and not live alone. At her workplace, she met a handsome man, a cook, and they started to date. Soon she had found out that man was not of good character, in fact stealing money from people by writing fake cheques sent to prison from time to time. Even she knew of his bad character yet as she desperately wanted to have a man by her side, she got pregnant form him and later married that man, the man that was my late father. She got pregnant three times, two girls, and me the boy in the middle. After the youngest daughter was born, she divorced him to protect the integrity of the family. Later she got engaged with another man who made her pregnant. On the hospital bed, she gave away that baby girl for adoption seeing into the disgusted face of the midwife. The last relationship she had before she passed on was with a man that was known as a drunker. He was working but even at his workplace, she took secretly alcohol. He was working as a court clerk for a matter of fact having from his first marriage five children. I was only relieved to see that that man was not violent against her, only went into his corner of the house and drank his snaps and beer. Looking back into her and my life I can see a great difference. I am a believer, the only one in my entire family, even I am not perfect...otherwise, I would not sit next to you here, your Majesty, I am more of a King David...if I may say so...doing foolish things, having to suffer for it but repent whenever God shows me the way...and I know he will punish me for what I do wrong but unlike the devil or with unbelievers I know he will never forsake me but stand by my side at all times. If only my mother had such a belief and would have trusted God that times of loneliness is not the end of the world but a great chance to see things in life a couple minded person would not see and mother would have lived a much better life....a life of fulfilment, a life in glory, a life in peace."

"That is well said and done!" smiled King Thomas and took a deep breath. He looked into Fred`s eyes and said: "But in that case, if she had waited on the Lord to give her Mr Right...remember that and think of would have never been born, never able to serve God!"

"You mean...," was Fred wondering and looked down to the ground making drawing a house into the soil between his legs. "You mean...she paid the sacrifice for me to be alive and a happy man in all the misery around me?"

"You seem to be a wise man after all," congratulated King Thomas, got up to follow the order of the guards to leave the courtyard and get ready for the evening meal. The inmates had the chance to wash their hands before they were able to take their plates with enough food back to their cells or eat together in a separated room to end the day by chatting along. The prison standards were not of the Western World but very close it as inmates had always been on King Thomas priority list. People with money had no chance to escape from serving their prison sentence and bail was never granted to anyone.

"Yes, your story you want to hear?" said Samuel with a wondering smile on his face, his voice down low, his hands stretched out on the table, his food eaten up, well-fed and content with his situation. "Well where to start? Okay, let me start at the end, I mean...I always was for quick money, always for posh items, always wanting other people to see me as a hero, rich and famous. But working for it, learning hard, going through tough times to reach from level to level...oh no, that was never me. Like my older sister, I was always having the idea to be rich and famous, taking endlessly about great ideas and how fast and easy people could make money from them. Yes, oh yes, I had great ideas and always blasted out to the whole wide world that only if I had the money, I would start a great business and would make even more money. Oh yes, that was always the past. Like my older sister did I know about myself and my character that was not made for hard work, for staying focused, for having great ideas, great targets and as we were from a very humble background we should have known better...I mean we should have known that hard work and being focused at all times are the key factors that over time could eventually make us rich and famous. To pronounce wanting to be rich and famous is the first vital step in a long enduring process which takes years after years of hard work with a focused mind and a willingness to push all obstacles in the way aside, to fight and fight your way up. She also knew the ways to move ahead and get the information that we missed to make it over time in life, to make our product ideas finally work. She like I did know so well about it. But only talking does not get anyone anywhere. So, we talked and talked, blasted our ideas into the ears of people no longer interested to hear our message and into the winds that got tired of us over the years. It is nowhere in seclusion that I came to understand why humans are different it is not their looks, their family background, the level, and country they were born in, their financial, social and family conditions. Oh, no...that is only the starting point of a long journey as whenever needed someone can cut himself off from his family and friends and move on with another family elected by his changed mind and with friends chosen from level to level. Yes, it requires a great inner emotional and spiritual independence...but these are the key factors when someone from down under living in bad, bad circumstances ...eventually over time wants to make it in life. There is always a price to pay in life for anything, sometimes it means to getaways from your blood family and moves as an independent person that thinks better and better of himself, a person able to ignore any comments, good or bad, from others, a person able to stand alone in the desert trusting God is never forsaking him rather stands in such situations even stronger by his side. Such an independent character will face many trials and tribulations, many temptations and many lies set out against him. Lies that can kill even innocent mothers, that is how strong some lies can be. But over time, as the bible is saying, God will step in and will set such an independent man free and lift him over his family and over the others that spoke wrong against him making him believe he would never make it in life...but eventually sees his glory and stands tall, raising himself a great family that will the waves of the world!"

"You are a great pastor indeed, Samuel!" was King Thomas full of admiration for his fellow inmate. He got up, walked over to the window, looked through the metal rods into the courtyard seeing the night falls and the moon rising from behind the curtains of light. He turned took a few moments of silence, turned around and asked: "And how did you come here?"

"Oh, that is a very long story, your Majesty," saw Samuel King Thomas turning around to him being focused on his story. "I wanted to have quick money fast, as you know. So, I used my physical strength and least some women say I sued that and made myself the bodyguard of some prostitutes. They worked for me and I made sure they are protected while they work, sitting around their houses in which they worked. One of them...I mean got emotional closer to her and she misused my feelings...I mean she wanted me to be her boyfriend and lover, not my worker. So, one day while she was in my bath tap, I got so angry that I tried to drown her in the water, but she managed to get out and run to the police. For attempted murder...I mean that is why I serve my sentence here, around fifteen years."

"Do you think you were punished correctly?"

"Even it is not comfortable that my freedom of movements has been taken away from me...but as long as my freedom of thinking is not limited...I have come to term with it, your Majesty. And honestly speaking...I think have deserved this punishment that makes me a better person!"

"Well said!" mentioned King Thomas and sat opposite an old man that was always very quiet, keeping himself most of the times, separated from the est. "And Sir, what about you? What is your story?"

"Your My story?" asked Walter and looked anxiously and shy into the eyes of his king.

"I am interested in you...your story, Sir!" repeated King Thomas to challenge Walter and come out with his inner feelings.

"I broke into kiosks, your Majesty."

"And for that one, you have gotten life in imprisonment?" was King Thomas wondering.

"Not quite like that...I is more complicated than that!"

"Let me hear!"

"I broke into few kiosks, got caught, was sent to prison...not this one, another one in my hometown. Then I got out, broke into more kiosks as that is all I knew...and they caught me again. I went again into prison, not the first one and not this one here, far worse than this new prison. Here is like paradise when you compare and if you ever think prison can be something like that...."

"What then?" interrupted King Thomas to make him bring out his whole story.

"I got released from prison...saw again kiosks and broke into them, got caught, sent to prison again. But that time the judge thought I am a stupid man that will never change but do the same mistake over and over again and harm others. Therefore, he had decided even my offence in itself was minor compared to killing another human being, that I should never leave prison again. So, as long as that mind of the judge is not changed...I might as well die here!"

"Why did you not learn from your mistakes, from life?"

"Oh, your Majesty...I have more often asked myself the same question than you can imagine. I think something is wrong in my brain. If at least I would have done something else wrong in between, like cutting off people`s arms or stealing organs from dead bodies in the mortuary to sell them to Mallams and make some money for myself... then I possibly would not be here anymore. But something is wrong in my brain. Many Pastors have prayed with me, for me and over me."

"And no change?"

"No change, your change whatsoever...nothing at all!"

"That is serious, Sir," commented King Thomas and looked down in his palm. "Life is by grace and the outcome of life is by blessings...."

"When the mind is correct...sorry to interrupt you, your Majesty!"

"Not at all!" put King Thomas his arms around the old man who shows his tired faces more than ever before. "Not at all!" King Thomas looked around and into the eyes of the other inmates. "We all must discover the inner eye for our glory in your soul and spirit and copy that picture into our mind. When the copy of our glory is in our brain, our eye can see, our consciousness can realize our destiny and direct us through our ups and downs at all times never to lose focus of our destiny. But if we do not develop the sense for our greatness in us and the price we have to pay for it whether born rich or poor, whether into a family with great wisdom or the very lack of it...but when we copy our glory from our soul and spirit into our brain, we are never lost, always directed to reach our glory in the end!"

The inmates were surprised and puzzled, at the same time felt wisdom and warmth in their hearts. Their faces relaxed showed signs of happiness and content. They all got up surrounding King Thomas lifting him to make him smile and said in a choir: "We love you forever, our King of the nation. He makes us all great and strong...Hip, hip, hurray!"

As King Thomas stood again on his feet he acknowledged and appreciated their love shown to him with the words: "We are all here on earth to serve each other. The wise have to lift the one that does not know, the rich man the poor!"

"We all have to serve each other," repeated Samuel while thinking and thinking over the words filled with wisdom.

David came from behind Fred and said: "But you, your Majesty...that you are here among us confronted with false documents and witness accounts...I mean for you this must be a horror scenario of the worst kind. A man born to be sent to us to serve the nation...such man in the hands of the evil forces of the old motherland Ghana that want to have their grip again around our necks and torment our hearts once more. No, that cannot be justified, that cannot be right in any way...I will never accept that till I die!"

King Thomas moved closer to David to give him comfortable with his words: "Have trust in in the end, everything that happens to a man and a country works out for good no matter how hard and painful the journey is. Even when one man has to die for the good cause another man will be presented to mankind overtime to stand on what had been built before him and finish the work. Remember always King David and that it was not him to build the temple for God but that God himself had chosen his son Solomon, the wisest man on earth, to complete the building intended to glorify God. You can kill a person, no doubt about that, but you can never kill a mission, an idea, a way set up to be seen by human beings over time! As I am relaxed and content.... you should be relaxed and content with me!"

"I hear you, Your Majesty, and I will do my very best and give it my best shot!"

"Good man!" responded King Thomas.

"Can I ask you something, your Majesty," approached Samuel his King and smiled at him.

"Yes, please!"

"You are so gifted, doing this and that, I mean writing, making politics, thinking like the greatest philosopher on earth, managing your own company, having all the money in the world and your background is humble, from poor father and mother that did not know much. So, please, all the talents that you have, why is it that you have it and not me?"

"You touch the important and indeed vital question why we humans are different!"

"That is basically what I am saying, yes your Majesty," said Samuel seeing all his fellow inmates gathered around the table and behind King Thomas to listen to his message.

"Now, as we all come to form different backgrounds on many different levels, the country we were born in, the time we were born, the financial status of our parents, the love or not love from them and so on...besides of course our genes...all these factors together will not be able to explain the real underlining reason why we humans are all different. When you take identical twins raised the same way, even their outcome is different. Therefore, we must dig deeper in life and that sooner or later brings us back to what the scriptures are telling us, that God knew us before we were born. Now, God is not stupid, he has a certain agenda for this world, wants certain achievements to be seen. When he can see someone that would never be willing to follow his instructions but thinks he can manage life all on his own and by his might, why should he waste his energy and ideas on such a person? But when he sees that a person that might not know God or refuses him at first overtime will hear the trumpets very loud and clear following God from that time onwards always to the letter, this is a person Go will love so much. And to show his love to that person he will bless the person with great ideas no matter whether this happens at a young age or when the person is already matured or old. Life goes on as long as it last and it only matters what at the end of life stands or does not stand, the stone we deserve or we will never get as we do not value nor understand life`s matters. It is that mindset, that inner willingness that we all have to cherish and guard very well that eventually makes us great or breaks us into pieces, dust blown away into no man's land. Most people are born, grow up, live their adult life in the shadow of their glory, go into a pension for ten or twenty years waiting to be set free from life and die. They leave nothing behind, no many, no mighty name, no innovation, no ideas others can build on...they are like bees and aunts, busy and busy working for a small income, for the unknown name they carry only to leave earth again unnoticed and with no memories left behind in the hearts of their fellow countrymen."

"That is so sad, your, so sad!" mentioned Fred and darkness appeared on his face.

"It is sad...and it is the truth of life. In the end, as more and more people do live under their glory the more sunshine is there for the few others that do not want to be under the radar of life but stand firm on their level of glory...and glory for good!" reacted King Thomas seeing the guards coming closer, time to disperse and go back to their prison cells for the night.

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