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Election 2020: Mahama Turned Voltarians Against Rawlings, Reject Him — NDP

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Election 2020: Mahama Turned Voltarians Against Rawlings, Reject Him — NDP

The National Democratic Party (NDP) has accused former President John Dramani Mahama for what it describes as apparent lack of respect for people in the Volta Region.

The party noted that Mahama and the NDC has been exploiting Voltarians for their own political gains.

In calling out the hypocrisy of the NDC over the maltreatment of Rawlings when he was alive and attempting to mourn him following his death, the General Secretary of the NDP Alhaji Frimpong stated that Mahama turned Voltarians against their own hero, JJ Rawlings.

According to him, Mahama disrespectfully referred to Rawlings as the Volta god who did not need to be revered by Voltarians.

Speaking at a news conference in Accra, he stated, “In what was widely reported by media outlets in Ghana, John Mahama, during the NDC’s unity walk in Ho in 2018, was on record to have labelled JJ Rawlings as a ‘Volta god’ who did not deserve to be worshipped by Voltarians. In fact, he is quoted as saying, “We have worshipped the Volta god for so long. It is time to build the party beyond individuals. No sacrifice would please him.” This was a classic situation where John Mahama made a futile attempt to turn Voltarians against their hero.”

Mr. Frimpong further accused Mahama of deliberately orchestrating to prevent Voltarians from being elected to substantive executive positions within the NDC.

He indicated that “Voltarians who felt they were going to be safe under the leadership of John Mahama were given the shock of their lives when Mahama deliberately sponsored candidates to remove all Voltarians from the leadership of the NDC during the national executives’ elections.

“Today, there is not a single Voltarian elected to a substantive position, not as a deputy but as a national executive in Mahama’s NDC,” he intimated.

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