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Happy Long Life: Men Love Loyalty Ladies Demand Security

Happy Long Life: Men Love Loyalty Ladies Demand Security
LISTEN NOV 22, 2020

Ladies are doing better these days than their mothers. Many are wealthy, better educated, and still wiser in their choice than men. One would think that with these qualities, ladies would not rely on men for their security. Well, security has many aspects apart from money.

If we are talking about pay and brute force, it is still dominated by men regardless of the strength some women display lifting their babies much longer than men can or a few women kicking their husbands' butts. But some men still misuse threats and will not hesitate to display violence. So, ladies need men's protection against men.

A man around a lady sends the signal of security. It could be the reason even rich and well paid madams still need men around. Since men expect loyalty in return for security it may be seen as control. Yet, men expect loyalty from their partners and many resort to pugnacious behavior when they run out of options. It still does not make sense to keep anyone by force or tulasi. The need for security around ladies has improved over the years and most societies enact laws protecting ladies at home with their partners or harassment by strangers outside. Let the bird fly, if she is yours, she would fly back. It's up to you to take her back.

How does relationships last forever based on expectation of loyalty by men in exchange for security of ladies? While most Africans accept the polygamous relationships, about half of monogamous relationships fail outside outside Africa. The world has become a global village and some ladies demand polyandry too as in a few world cultures. Cultures and economic realities skew the final choice. But looks (beauty) open the door for both men and ladies. It is generally postulated that ladies care more about men’s other personal characteristics. Yimu! Though beauty, money and love may not remain stable, only friendships can outlast each of these. So we have people that have fallen out of love, lost their beauty or lost money but remain good friends. We tend to overrate the role of beauty, love and money early in our relationships, knowing full well that circumstances may change in sickness or good health. This is the reason we pledge to stay married for better or worse; not just for the good times but also when situations are not so rosy.

Beauty is one of the three principals apart from love and money which fades with time. Let us be realistic, we are all naturally attracted to beauty. There is a notion out there that men are the only ones relying on beauty. It is just a generalization. Ladies also like handsome men and a few have lost their ways solely on that. A one night stand may explain that both men and ladies want the same thing and ladies may be strongly attracted to a man for many reasons including (highly endowed) one night stand. When boys push Okafor law, that is because you got her or she got you once. If you think she is always yours, you are in for a surprise.

Better move on. It could also be Infatuation which explains ladies' attraction to the "bad boy" image. It survives longer than the one night stand. Sometimes, guys mistake it for Okafor Law to their own detriment. Wise ladies think about the sustainability of their families first. Men are mostly the suckers for trophy wives and they pay dearly for it. Beauty does not come as a package with loyalty that men expect. Indeed, many ladies think they can get away with anything once they are beautiful and men will not leave them. Young ladies know that most men fall for beauty and if one leaves, there are other beauty mongers waiting.

Unfortunately, not all men are that vulnerable to beautiful ladies. There are men that also naively think ugly ladies are more faithful as a wife. Since other men think the same way, don't be too sure. It is so true that all your money cannot buy you love. Love also fades. Call some ladies gold diggers all you want, friendships last longer. As durable as childhood love is, without adjustments in relationships, it is not a guarantee. But old relationships one can grow and reminisce with, for the good old and new days are sweeter.

Yet, we may be tempted by change: new or younger lovers to rejuvenate an old man or woman if they do not give you a heart attack! Like in all animal behavior, ladies flash their endowment men or feel good. Case in point, another study found that staring at ladies' bare chests, in a variety of bra sizes, cute behinds or looking at beautiful animals’ colors lead to release of serotonin, a happy hormone that increases men's lifespan closer to that of women. The same way being married adds to men's lifespan. Https :// We come back to old friends regardless of our gender for good times sake if there is no previous caustic burn. People claim they fell out of love because they grew apart. It is deeper than that. Some couples give reason for not tolerating anymore abuse from one another since the kids are grown or independent. It boils down to “irreconcilable differences”. Often said: competing with a lady over kids is not smart. One thing you can bank on, the mother is always their favorite. Better be prepared than be sorry later in life.

Money as the last principal after beauty and love is important these days especially for the brokeass boys and girls but not crucial to lasting friendships in many relationships. Well kept ladies in palaces, luxury and fame have walked out. Actually, there are reasons to believe that ladies are shrewder when it comes to money than men. Many men lost money and more in exchange for sex and loyalty. Whereas a lady would get all the money and more with the lure of sex and promised loyalty: Sampson and Delilah. A lady may sleep her way to the top while making money but men have lost power and positions without making a penny. Even foolish Uber drivers prefer fare in kind from pretty ladies!

When men betray their ladies, they can do it for half the worth or less of their wives. In other words women would step up while men might step down and lose a good gem. Some ladies have confessed to their friends that what was most painful about the choice of their men was the low caliber of the women they were forced to compete with. Imagine! As if some of them have never been satisfied by househelps. It does not mean women are smarter than men in all relationships. More women hedge their bets until they lose it all, than men. Men would settle for a lady earlier than women that keep on thinking there may be a better man out there.

Ladies have even lost their biggest catch while trying to decide. Beauty, love and money work to the advantage of ladies and maybe to the disadvantage of men. So when men accuse ladies of taking the ugliest men as long as they have money, it is not always true. Indeed, women like handsome men just as much as men like beautiful ladies. The difference is when ladies have to make a choice between two handsome men or handsome and ugly men. Whatever, it boils down to which of the handsome men has more money. Usually an ugly rich man gets the lady if he is wealthier enough to take care of her family.

Who do you blame for that? Please! Yago jo make I see road. A lady has to think about a man that can take care of her and the children when she is or not able to work. When the kids are old and she is rich enough, she can go after her own fine boys based solely on looks just like men. Before a man makes a move, even innocently, whatever that means, women are conditioned to ask a man what he wants in return. They know men's kind gesture would hardly be made to a fellow man. Though some ladies would quietly wait, they are actually assessing what a man has to offer.

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