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Director Of Noguchi Endorses Duster4D; A New Thermal Decomposition System

Director Of Noguchi Endorses Duster4D; A New Thermal Decomposition System
LISTEN NOV 21, 2020

The Director of Noguchi Memorial Institute (NMI), Prof Abraham Kwabena Annan, has hailed a new thermal decomposition system, Duster4D, as a breakthrough system that can help solve Ghana’s waste challenges.

The Duster4D, is a low-temperature combustible waste disposable system that decomposes waste without using a supplemental fuel; burning waste thoroughly into ash.

The Duster4D has several gas injection ports of different angles located on the outer wall of the decomposition furnace. After waste is carried into the furnace, gas is injected into the furnace through the ports.

The gas injected into the furnace through the injection ports is a special purpose magnetized oxygen which keeps the furnace at 400 degrees Celsius after which the waste is decomposed into ash.

In the Duster4D, the waste is de-watered and dried by the furnace heat, then the waste is thermally decomposed by the heat storage action of ash and magnetic action of magnetized oxygen and it is finally carbonized into ash.

It can decompose all sort of waste at the same time without necessarily separating the waste.


The Duster4D is environmentally friendly, dioxin and other harmful substances emitted from Duster4D do not exceed the applicable environmental benchmarks.

E-Light Corporation, a Japanese based company are the manufactures of the sophisticated waste disposable system, Duster4D.

Speaking at an event to outdoor the Duster4D to institutions like the Ministry of Sanitation, Environmental Protection Agency(EPA) and the public in Accra, Prof Abraham Kwabena Annan said the Duster4D can help solve a major environmental problem in Ghana considering the volume of waste generated in Accra alone.

According to him, the Duster4D can be placed at our markets, hospitals and other places for efficient waste management.

The Ghana representative of E-light, Mr. Paul Kwabena Amaning in a remark said the Duster4D will contribute to accomplishing Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by solving waste problems in Ghana.

He said the introduction of the thermal decomposition system in Ghana is to compliment government and other private agencies effort in making Ghana a clean country.

He, therefore, appealed to government and the private sector to collaborate with E-Light to make the Duster4D available in most part of the country to win the fight against filth.


Officials from E-Light Corporation Company; Masanori Mizobe, Jiro Takeuchi and other officials were present at the event.

Eric Joe Ayivi
Eric Joe Ayivi

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